the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky shook hands with the audience who left the hall during the speech, the Ukrainian leader at the Munich security conference.

Zelensky was not in the main hall and a small room where the audience did not put the chairs. So come listen to the Ukrainian head of state sat in the stands and the steps of a short ladder. Sitting there was uncomfortable, and apparently, so about 40 minutes after Zelensky began to speak, one of the spectators with the badge of the participant stood up and tried to quietly leave the room.

“not Interested?” — interrupting his answer, turned to him Zelensky. In the hall laughed, leaving the man turned to the President and held out his hand, the Ukrainian leader shook the hand, writes RIA Novosti.

In his speech, Zelensky said that he plans visit to the United States and invited American President Donald trump in Kiev. “I’m ready to accept it faster than he me,” said the President.

Zelensky also assured that Ukraine will do everything possible to the next summit in the Normandy format were held in April of this year, in the agreed time frame. “Our key task today is to ensure strict implementation achieved in the Paris agreements. Ukraine is ready and working on it every day. Every day step by step we are moving towards peace. But it’s a two-way street and we expect steps forward,” — said the Ukrainian President, whose words are quoted by TASS.

Earlier Zelensky said that in October would like to hold local elections on the entire territory of Ukraine. “I would like in the Crimea”, — he noted.

Zelensky said that the Ukrainian authorities are ready to dialogue with the civilian population beyond their control regions of Donetsk and Lugansk regions, but not with heads of these territories. The latter, according to him, is not recognized from the point of view of international law, so ne can imagine the local population of Ukraine. The events in the Donbass Zelensky called a question of European importance.

Before the performance Zelensky, rising to the podium, found that he had no microphone. He asked for a microphone from a representative of the conference, stressing that without it can not. The organizer gave his microphone to the President.