“Uff, tomorrow is already Monday again!” – Anyone who claims to have this set on a Sunday, never pronounced, they are lying. But it’s not that bad: New week, new opportunities, new ideas, it is impossible! With the following tips, you can motivate yourself to the week prelude.

The Assembly will begin on Friday

We can already get on Friday a lot for the Monday. For example, not cleared to leave the workplace, so we met on Monday morning, the Chaos of last week. Rather, provisions, clean up, and a To-do-list to write, so over the weekend that nothing is forgotten.

Sunday evening prep time

The quiet of the Morning, the better of the day. Therefore, you should use the Sunday evening, a bit of everything for the following day. You put together your Outfit, pack your bag and make sure that the keychain is hidden under the Sofa. So you can go in the Morning nothing wrong.

The most important meal of the day

A decent Breakfast boosts mood and provides energy for the day ahead. Who needs a special energy Booster, mix up a fruit Smoothie with lots of vitamins.

bring on the endorphins!

in the Morning sports? But of course! In the case of a training unit of endorphins in the body are released and these provide feelings of happiness. A short Power Workout or a Jogging round, rich, with a clear head in the office to show up. Or for the morning sports professionals: go for a Jog to work or take the bike.

Quick change air

Sometimes it takes a Dose of fresh air. Start in the morning and you breathe in a few Times on and off. This was on a balcony, or through the small kitchen window, the main thing is that you take a Minute for yourself and indulge in a refreshment.

“Because I’m happy!”

When Listening to music triggered emotions, which is why motivational songs with a cheerful song act lyrics prima against bad mood. Songs like “Happy” by singer Pharrell Williams (46) good.

Monday night Highlight

So that you can look forward to even more on the Monday, you should schedule a Highlight for the evening. A walk can be, for example, the of the favorite series, a dinner with the loved one, or simply a Wellness program Looking to be in the bathtub.