To the games, which could take place after the interruption of the current season at the earliest at the beginning of may, should, among others, 30 folders, and four ball boys in the interior of the Arena, the newspaper writes, the existence of claims to the appropriate plans to the DFL.

When, to date, the only mind game in the League – on 11. March mönchengladbach 2:1 against Cologne were still 600 people in the Borussia Park: the players, coaches, a few journalists, folders, and paramedics. The spectator stands were empty.

television, most of the people bring

in the Future, only 126 people in the interior may: The teams in full strength, per Team, are allowed only eight coaches, managers and Doctors. To 113 people in the stands – including 30 journalists. Instead of the previous twelve, only four ball will be boys. The strongest group in the interior, according to the “image” of the television with a total of 36 people.

VIP-guests and club employees with no function is not allowed on the ranks. Only eight members per Delegation are allowed. To drink and to eat there’s nothing. In front of the stadium for another 50 folders are planned, to prevent Fan collections.

No football until at least the end of April

In the Bundesliga and the 2. League is due to the Coronavirus
pandemic, at least up to 30. April no football played. The had decided to the 36 professional Clubs at the end of March on a virtual General Assembly, on the recommendation of the DFL Board. The last Bundesliga match took place on 11. March in Mönchengladbach, instead of the originally scheduled season end on may 16. May no longer hold.

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