the Weight of the goods included in 30 percent of the receipts of the Muscovites. Let me remind you, the CPS recommended to the enterprises of trade to prohibit the customers themselves to weigh products, in order to avoid the risk of infection in the queues at self-service scales. Now this expectation is unsafe. The entrepreneurs decided to put on cash smart scales, which automatically by the camera weighed from 160 to 180 various weight goods from the store’s stock.

the Arithmetic is simple. If the trading floor is no weights self-service teller self-drives in your computer a special product code from 3-8 digits to obtain a check. Within the hour he weighs the products about 47 times, each operation takes an average of 14.5 seconds. “Smart scales allow you to speed up operations: the buyer need not look for Libra self-service, and staff to remember the product code. Customer service is much faster. Only counting on one store throughput increased by 20 thousand people a year, and the annual time savings on customer service at the cash register is not less than 1300 hours,” said Sergey Popov, Director of operations and retail technology trade network “Pyaterochka”.

While smart scales installed in 10 stores in Moscow, but soon will appear a hundred trade outlets.