The struggle for power in Moldova turns into a Thriller. Opponents of President Igor Dodon and fled to the United States, the oligarch Vladimir plahotniuc — firing to kill. May 18, the fugitive was accused of “theft of the century” — the conclusion of the three Moldovan banks $1 billion In response to Mr. Dodon shot compromising, and from the parliamentary coalition, on which he relies, as the team in the enemy’s camp ran over two deputies. Such a sharp increase in the degree of opposition for five months before the presidential election suggests that with the approach of the vote, the struggle in which Moscow is involved on the side of Igor Dodon, will only harden.Moldova, where it is scheduled for the fall presidential elections (have not yet approved the proposal to hold their November 1), 18 may faced a wave of accusations of compromising criminal cases. It all started with a press conference of the Prosecutor General of Belarus Alexandr Stoianoglo.Going to the press, he announced the filing of charges in absentia the former leader of the local democratic party, the oligarch Vladimir Plahotniuc, who, from the shadows, without gosdolzhnosti, single-handedly ruled the country from 2015 to 2019. The attorney General said that Mr. plahotniuc is accused of creating an organized criminal group, money laundering in especially large sizes, swindle in especially large sizes.Under the fraud, it follows from the explanations of the attorney General, it should be understood loud and still not a Scam — the conclusion of the three Moldovan banks in 2014 to $1 billion. “we Have irrefutable evidence that plahotniuc was the beneficiary of the money placed in their banks”,— said Alexandr Stoianoglo.That in the case of “theft of the century”, as in the Republic called the disappearance billion, making progress, last week the President said Igor Dodon. Last Friday he held a meeting of the security Council countries to discuss the progress of the investigation, and now appeared and the attorney General.About the possible involvement of Mr. Plahotniuc to the circuit output billion talked for a long time. But charges against the tycoon did not show. First, due to the fact that it is, in fact, was the leader of the country and had unlimited influence including to law enforcement agencies, including the Prosecutor General.However, in June last year, Vladimir Plahotniuc had to leave the country. This happened after the Pro-Russian President Igor Dodon, finding a common language with the oligarchs and the leaders of the Pro-Western parties “Action and solidarity” and “Platform “the Dignity and truth”” Maia Sandu and Andrew Estatedevelopment efforts to overthrow the democratic party and its leader.Thus was born the parliamentary Alliance between the Pro-presidential Party of socialists and the two Pro-Western political forces. The Alliance was supported by Russia, the European Union and the United States, whose diplomats took an active teaching��ment in the June events a year ago, nicknamed “the revolution ambassadors.”In Russia by the time the tycoon was already a defendant in a criminal case (now they have three — Mr. plahotniuc wanted in connection with charges of drug trafficking, the illegal withdrawal of money, the ordered murder). In the end, the oligarch had lost power and was forced to flee from Moldova to USA. But the Union Igor Dodon and Pro-Western politicians last fall collapsed. In the absence of other partners in the Parliament, Mr. Igor Dodon went to the world with the democratic party, where there were a lot of supporters of Vladimir Plahotniuc. The socialists and Democrats last fall, together appointed by the government. But then a new coalition began to fall apart.In the beginning of the year it was released six deputies, headed by Parliament speaker — one of the most close to the oligarch Plahotniuc people. Mr Kanda with like-minded, having left the democratic party, created the parliamentary group of the Pro Moldova (“the Moldovan”). The speaker was sharply criticized Igor Dodon and promise to do so, to expect to be re-elected for a second term as President until the fall elections in his chair not serving. He also threatened Mr Dodon compromising. May 8, on the side of the Pro Moldova passed four more parliamentarians, the prospects of the resignation appointed by the President of the government got real.Against this background, on 18 may, and the official charges in the address of Vladimir Plahotniuc. And as soon as the Prosecutor General presented them, according to Igor Dodon was dealt a counter blow. One of the parliamentary opponents of the President, the Deputy Iurie Renitsa, has published a video which depicted the meeting of Vladimir Plahotniuc with Igor Dodon. The entry is dated June of last year. It tycoon and the then Chairman of the democratic party Sergei Yaralov transmit to the President a black bag. The Deputy Renitsa argues that in the package a large sum of money.”The oligarchy continues to take revenge for the dismissal from power in the summer of 2019, commented on the appearance of the film Igor Dodon.— However, acts of vigilantism only give their anger and inability to conduct open and honest struggle”.Photo: Alexander Miridonov, Kommersantdaily meeting with Vladimir Plahotniuc, he explained: “I had intended to make him think that we had cooperation with him, to hold on to the moment when I can act openly and directly for the country’s liberation from its clutches. Tactics Plahotniuc was staging all sorts of provocations and “packages” in order to film it all. I don’t know what was in the package, it was all a play specifically for video”.But the dirt was not the only retaliatory attack. Simultaneously with the injection of 18 may, there was another event: it was reported that the coalition that supports Mr. Dodon decided to leave two deputies��and. “To deprive the government of the socialists and Democrats parliamentary support is still lacking two or three votes, and finding them seems an impossible task,”— said “Kommersant” the head of the Chisinau center for analysis and prediction of Balkan-Centre Sergey Manastyrly. According to him, the government can be dismissed by Parliament in the coming weeks, if the actions of the authorities do not take strong character. “With this new government to appoint the Parliament will not succeed and the country will be in chaos for the next six months. This is clearly not the situation and atmosphere in which Igor Dodon wishes to conduct the election campaign for his second term,”— said the expert.Former permanent representative of Moldova at the United Nations Alexei Tulbure describes the unfolding events as a “battle group of Dodon and Plahotniuc’s group”. While the accusations of the Prosecutor General to the latter Mr. Tulbure considers fair: “the attorney General said what we all these years knew. He officialshave information.” The bad thing is, the expert said in an interview with “Kommersant” that in absentia indictments against oligarch “coincided or was timed to coincide with this our local fights.”The latter is already in the game: in an election year Moscow tried to help Igor Dodon money, giving his government a soft loan of €200 million was Signed and already approved by Parliament, the agreement was blocked by the opponents of Mr. Dodon from the parties that declare themselves Pro-Western. They appealed to the constitutional court, and he blocked a Moldovan-Russian credit agreement.Vladimir Solovievka Moldova seized without war and revolutionthe next