Of those 21 thousand tons of baby food, which are produced in Russia, about 15 thousand tons are made entirely from imported dairy raw materials, said the head of the Federation Council Committee on agrarian and food policy and environmental management Alexey Mayorov at the Committee meeting. Market share only a few companies, among which only one Russian.

According to head of the Department of agriculture of Marina Saida Afonina, currently at various stages of the approval “stuck” several fundamental market documents that could significantly improve the situation. So, the registration in the Ministry of justice is the order of the Ministry of agriculture, through which Russian producers of baby food who rely on subsidized loans, you are allowed to use foreign raw materials: in the first year of operation – 50%, in the second year, the share of Russian raw materials should be increased to 60% in the third – up to 70%. Prior to this, the share of imported raw materials was allowed only not more than 30%. But Russia is the main component of infant food, demineralised whey (D-90), which accounts for about 40-45% of the raw materials for infant formula.

For this reason, can not take the preferential loan company “Infoprim,” says its Chairman of the Board of Directors Alexey Lysakov. According to him, one of those 20 thousand tons, which seems to be manufactured domestically, about 14 thousand tons to consider those not – they are Russian raw materials 0%, and even packaging imported from other countries. In such mixtures, the 97% ready-made substitute for breast milk, which are mixed vitamins. However, such manufacturers use different preferences, and ready-made substitute for breast milk to everything else, there are preferential import duties.

“Duties on finished products, Packed in a jar in Russia is 5 percent, and duties on any raw material equal to from 11 to 15%. Relatively speaking, there is not import substitution, and importantimportant,” – said Lysakov.

According to the Marina Saida Afonina respect to D-90 as an exception, the Ministry of agriculture has proposed to remove the predamage. In April 2020 was adopted a resolution. However, subsidiary legislation Ministry of justice sent to the procedure “regulatory guillotine”. So in fact the resolution doesn’t work yet.

Also, according to Marina Saida Afonina, at the end of March in the framework of anticolonialism measures the Commission of the EEC made a decision on the temporary zeroing of duties on a breast milk substitute and dry milk based. Russia has submitted for Commission a similar proposal on D-90 but have not been supported by other countries.

meanwhile, according to Marina Saida Afonina, Russia is not so hopeless with the production of raw materials for baby food. Several major dairy companies have either already mastered the production of D-90, or considering possibleSt. There are also several companies that implement projects for the production of breast milk substitutes full cycle.

However, many projects for the production of raw materials for breastmilk substitutes implemented for many years – does not develop the economy. And those who seemingly started the release of the D-90 we cannot achieve the required quality.