Two years ago, since Switzerland had been placed on the infamous “grey list” of the EU. Together with countries such as Albania, Serbia or Costa Rica, it was in Brussels suddenly officially as a tax haven and was now under close observation (LOOKING reported).

Now, however, this may change again soon. As the “mirror” writes, want to let the 28 member States at a Meeting of EU Finance Ministers, to underline the Switzerland of the list.

The good testimony to Switzerland, thanks mainly to the result of the vote from last may. 66.4 percent said Yes to the tax reform worked. Thanks to the internationally compliant tax system is applied starting next year, the EU is no more reason to result in the Switzerland on the grey list.

Nine countries on the black list,

, lists of sinful countries of the EU as a response to revelations such as the Panama Papers have been introduced. So should be more efficient against the practices of tax evaders can be tackled.

in addition to the grey list, the EU also maintains a black list. There Nations, which had shown in the fight against tax trickery so far, uncooperative are listed. Among them are the American virgin Islands, American Samoa, Belize, Fiji, Guam, Oman, Samoa, Trinidad and Tobago, and Vanuatu. It is not on the black list of the United Arab Emirates and the Marshall Islands are represented. (cat)