for the 5. October planned rally of the climate Alliance may attract, according to new findings from 30 000 to 40‘000 people, said Nause, the news Agency Keystone-SDA. It was therefore not grant eligible: In the month of the Federal elections, the city allowed for quite some time, neither large demos even election rallies.

The climate Alliance includes more than 80 organizations. They were originally only a few thousand demonstrators. On this Basis, the city had a permit for the 5. October.

But the estimated number of participants was much resorted to deep, said Nause on Sunday. He expects one of the largest demonstrations that has seen Bern. Probably it’ll even need the Allmend. The organizers of the city have sought by mutual agreement a new date and found.

Officially known this is not. Apparently, it is Saturday, 28. September. The Federal elections at the 20. October instead.

With a special Demo-rules for the month to the Federal elections, want to prevent Bern, that there are problems as in 2007. At the time, an authorised relocation of the SVP has been overshadowed by Bern from serious incidents. Since 2011, the city government shall adopt, therefore, restrictive rules for the election month.

last March, it was reported that the city of Berne, wanted to allow, nevertheless, a climate Demo in October 2019. With a number of constraints, the city wanted to prevent the rally will be an occasion to a Choice.

The Bernese SVP national councillor Erich Hess objected to the “extra sausage” for climate activists. He filed several requests to be able to in October with like-minded people against the framework agreement with the EU demonstrate.

Also, these rallies will not be allowed. Hess gave on Sunday to the request, with his maneuvers he had reached the goal – that is a level playing field for all of the Demo organizers did not apply. Nause, in turn, stressed that the date of laying of the climate rally came regardless of Hess’ action.