at the end of November were supposed to fly in Basel’s St. Jakobshalle fists. The warring French Rapper Kaaris (39) and Tom (42) wanted to clarify in an official MMA fight once and for all, who is the tougher of the two. The cage-fight in Basel should be rewarded with a prize money of 2.2 million Swiss francs. However, the authorities make the Rap Stars with a dash through the bill – the fight is now cancelled definitely.

in August, the MMA Fight was cancelled (LOOK told). Moritz Gall, the then attorney of the organizer, did not want to accept this decision but, according to the “Basler Zeitung”. “The organizer can rely on a legal agreement,” he said a few weeks ago.

the revolt of the population because of threats?

One of the Rapper now has to reckon with legal consequences. Actually, the fight to Basel’s cancellation would have to take place in a closed framework in Geneva. Kaaris (civil Gnakouri Okou) does not see the but. The constant Change of Location makes him suspicious, he doubts the seriousness of the organizer. Compared to the sports newspaper “L’équipe”, the Rapper in a Statement: “I have only said a fight in the St. Jakobshalle in. For me it stops here. I prefer me to withdraw from this matter, because it tires me.”

For the organiser of the conflict is not resolved but for a long time. You are Kaaris the debt that the fight in Basel was cancelled. His brutal threats in the network have caused the uprising of the population. “Kaaris was bound by a contractual and moral obligation, to give no occasion for a polemic”, she announces in a press release. In addition, there should be laid down in the Treaty, no specific venue. Instead of against the arch-enemy of Booba Kaaris fights now against the law. (fmü)