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Slowly but surely it has gone up for us all how serious this actually is, says the ministry of Justice and beredskapsminister Monica Mæland to the NRK.

She commenting on spørjeundersøkingane Koronamonitor and public Opinion have conducted on the social effects of koronaviruset in Norway since 13. march.

I think very many now understand how important it is to for example keep two metre distance to others, says Mæland.

Monday the previous week, replied to 78 per cent that they have avoided social interaction with close family and friends. the

Now it has increased to 90 per cent.

THINK MORE REALIZE the SERIOUSNESS: the ministry of Justice and beredskapsminister Monica Mæland.

Photo: Heiko Junge / NTB scanpix

– We see a clear decrease from day to day in the number of norwegians who have contact with the other, ” says Ola Gaute Askheim, senior adviser and partnar in Opinion.

the Paint Norwegian koronamonitor is a collaboration between the Opinion Polling & Statistics and the Encount. They painted a continuous norwegians their attitudes and åtferdsendringar as a result of the koronautbrotet.

A sign of great confidence in the authorities

– 90 percent is pretty massive, ” says Askheim about how many norwegians who follow most of their advice.

They employed there with an opinion – and åtferdsmålingar see rare such support for advice and regulations from the authorities, ” explains Askheim.

Askheim think oppslutninga around the initiative comes from the great confidence we have to the authorities in Norway, and not least that our parliamentary system is relatively well-functioning.

– We have confidence in each other and the political leaders in Norway, ” says Askheim.

He compares the rapid changes in how norwegians tilpassar themselves statute, and measures how many people in the southern european countries ignored the authorities of their statute, and no suffering enormous negative consequences of it.

– We see the contrast to countries further south in Europe, where it that people ignored the status has given enormous negative consequences, ” he says.

SEE the RARE SUCH SUPPORT: those who are working with meaning – and åtferdsmålingar see rare such support for advice and regulations from the authorities, ” explains Ola Gaute Askheim in English koronamonitor.

Photo: Opinion Perduco as, the Several is more worry for the family than by themselves

public Opinion have interviewed 6500 people since 13. march. Previously in the undersøkingane conducted the 300 interviews per day. No have they increased to 6-700 interview per day.

This shows the ferskaste utspørjingane:

85 percent of norwegians answered that they have avoided to travel collectively. 74 per cent have cancelled or defer future ferieplanar 56 per cent have remained at home from work even if they are not sick. 27 per cent is more than normal. 68% worry that somebody in your own family will become suffering. 39 percent are afraid to themselves be suffering. More about koronaviruset OversiktSiste nyttSpørsmålNyhetsbrev