What we are about it remember? Remember Liv Ullmann, who became famous thanks to the Swedish genius Ingmar Bergman. Remember, nominated for “Oscar” adventure film “Kon-Tiki”, made in co-production with other, more developed film industry. But overall, Oslo was not included in the number of cinematic capitals.

Pandemic opens unknown bins: online platforms out Norwegian TV series “Chosen” which is for actuality we have called “isolated”. It was a series of 20 minute paintings, together occupying nearly two hours of hard, frightening us actions. They took Director Christian Hollman, Stina Hammar and Lisa Mina Morberg, and the feminine here clearly prevails: if something in this Thriller is scarce in the movies logic.

A three-storey mansion, a Spartan on the outside, the inside is similar on the ancestral castle, on the chamber of a convent hospital. Under the terrible music we walk in the empty corridors and already expect that from the corner will be something terrible. And really: a pretty girl wakes up in a cold sweat on the cold floor, not knowing what happened to her. Soon it will join a maiden company, each of the beauties in disbelief: where we are and how we got here?

the screen suddenly turning the monitor will let them know that the city is in an epidemic of an unknown virus, and that the poor girls someone selected for the role of Guinea pigs – an urgent need to develop a vaccine that will save humanity. On the monitor stretch the terrible images of the chambers filled with corpses, extinct cities, loitering helicopters and people in protective suits – the footage today will echo in every on earth heart. Girls, of course, scared, looking for a way out of captivity, but quickly found out that they were here immured very reliable.

And then doomed are divided into two fiercely arguing groups: someone calling for resistance, and who is willing to obey the rock and to cooperate with the experimenters unseen – the fate of humanity is more important. Externally, however, it looks like a routine women’s showdown, which identifies the characters – and this is the most interesting plot of the film, tightly staffed pretty girlish faces. The action is mainly developing within the estate, occasionally viglesias in a green courtyard and a room with a laptop, where the saddle a woman, a dark man with a view of either the offender, whether a businessman, and an Oriental man, without any masks reminiscent of Jean Marais in Fantomas mask.

the low-budget Picture, shot with improvised means with the maximum speed, which makes it impossible to care about any developed drama. This is a typical soap products are not rich in opportunities and fantasy television and pandemical hunger in any communication pushed the film to the surface – a little tokuyou entertain the audience a little scare scared and in the end to convince us that all the trials which fall to us for the share, one day will burst like a soap bubble.