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– We put in extra capacity on the border, especially on maundy Thursday. We must have controls both on the way in and out of the country, says police commissioner Ida Melbo Øystese in the East standings.

Easter has traditionally been a time where many norwegians have gone to Sweden to shop, go on a camping trip or attaching in Strømstad on maundy Thursday.

Police commissioner Ida Melbo Øystese in the East, the police ask the norwegians about to drop utenlandsturen in the week of easter.

Photo: Rahand Bazaz/NRK

Now asks the police people to follow authorities ‘ advice not to travel abroad.

” We are concerned that people maybe are a little tired of all the measures and think that a trip to Sweden can’t hurt. It is what we want to prevent. All must take their share of responsibility and be at home, ” said Øystese, norway.

it is carried out check on the way out of the country on Sunday to belong to the sjeldenhetene.

Expect a few norwegians

It is not forbidden to travel to Sweden, but if you do, you must in the 14-day quarantine upon return to Norway.

At the weekend gave the police more than 1100 orders concerning quarantine of the people who came to the country.

– There is a significant number. We will be keen to keep track of who crosses the border, for example, in the case we meet the same people out in the Halden later in the evening, ” says Øystese, norway.

In the years tens of thousands of Norwegian youths dragged to Strömstad to attach on maundy Thursday. In the year expect the Swedish police that the whole party is put on hold.

Long lines of the Norwegian cars and motorcycles on the way to Strömstad is a common sight on maundy Thursday.

Photo: Erlend Aas / SCANPIX

– We expect that it will not get as many hit in years. It will probably be almost just pensjonistene who live here to normal, and they don’t create just as much trouble. It becomes especially, ” says gruppesjef Johan Hilding in the Strömstad police to NRK.

For the first time in many years the police in grensebyen also dropped to ask for reinforcements from other parts of the country.

– It will not need as much resources in the year. It’s going to be far quieter than it should. So we rather hope for a proper party with many happy young people next year, ” he says.

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Johan Hilding in the Strömstad police on the border between Norway and Sweden on the old Svinesundsbrua.

Photo: Rahand Bazaz/NRK, Nine out of ten are at home

If påskeutfarten is so large, is still uncertain. In a study conducted by markedsanalysebyrået Opinion answering 89 per cent of the norwegians that they plan to spend easter in their own home.

– Hyttepåske is not replaced with bypåske, but rather hjemmepåske, ” says senior adviser Ola Gaute Aas Askheim in the Opinion.

In the course of the last week was 3.000 norwegians asked påskeplanene their. Almost all responded that they will be at home in his own home, says the agency.

There are numbers that will probably gladden the police in the East standings.

the Danger is not over. We need to protect the country against more infection. We don’t know who takes with him the infection, and therefore must all take that responsibility, ” says police commissioner Ida Melbo Øystese, norway.

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