Anne-Elisabeth Falkevik Hagen (68) was on the 31. October from the family home in the heart of Oslo vanished, says a spokesman for the police on Wednesday at a press conference. Since then, there was no sign of life from her, but also no indication that she was dead.

The husband of the Kidnapped, an Investor, and one of the richest people of Norway. The police have viewed the case from the beginning as an unauthorised deprivation of liberty. It is a ransom had been in a crypto-currency called for. Suspect it will not give at the present time.

it Was done out of the country?

to contact The suspected kidnappers had previously been poor, and not orally, said police spokesman Tommy Brøske. Instead, communicated via a digital platform. He did not exclude the possibility that the woman may have been out of the country managed. In addition to other authorities, Interpol had been turned on.

First of all, the Norwegian newspaper “Aftenposten had reported” on the case. You wrote on Wednesday, the police is the case to date in Secret pursued. According to the newspaper, and also of the sheet “Verdens Gang” is the ransom demand to the equivalent of ten million Swiss francs. The did not want to comment on Brøske. The police rate of the family, however, no requests.

rich, thanks to power-Deals

The husband of the Kidnapped to have earned a media report according to which in the course of eleven years, with the current sale and real estate is a billion Norwegian crowns (around 114 million Swiss francs), of which 174 million kroons (19.9 million Swiss francs) in the year 2017. Its net assets amounted to 1.7 billion crowns. These are the equivalent of approximately 190 million Swiss francs.

The case is considered in Norway, because of its Oil reserves as one of the richest countries in the world, as a unique. There is no other abduction cases in the Scandinavian country are so far known in which a ransom in crypto currency is required. Internationally, there were such cases already frequent. (SDA/noo)