What happened in the house at the Sloraveien 4 in Lørenskog 31. October 2018?

The question has Anne-Elisabeth Hagens family and, not least, the police asked himself again and again the last 17 months.

despite the fact that it is soon a year and a half ago, the then-59-year-old Norwegian milliardærfruen disappeared without a trace from her home, police are still far from a breakthrough in the case.

Now, the Norwegian media that the DNA results of a blood trails might provide the answer to what happened to her when she disappeared.

The found of the blood is not new. This was announced by the police already last autumn.

back Then, it sounded that there was necessarily something suspicious in the case.

Now, says the efterforskningsleder Tommy Brøske, however, to the newspaper VG that the blood can help to shed light on the matter.

“Found out of the blood is to be seen in context with the other tracks, but the police can in no way exclude the possibility that the reddened found at the scene of the crime has a connection to the incident that we are investigating.”

Anne-Elisabeth Hagen is the wife of one of Norway’s richest men, businessman Tom Hagen.

31. October 2018, she was abducted from her home by one or more perpetrators.

The only thing they left on the spot, was a slip of paper, where they demanded a ransom.

the Page has milliardærfruen been sunk in the ground. No one has either heard from her or seen her.

the Police are working from a theory that she is dead.

Opposite the newspaper VG. stresses efterforskningslederen, to the police – despite corona-the situation in Norway – still working intensely on the case.

the Police have among other things taken a number of steps that should boost the case, it suggests.

It is clear, however, is not what it specifically is about. Norwegian media, however, has previously mentioned how the police investigates, among other footprints, shoe brands, stationery and tracking of kryptovaluta.