In an ordinary terraced houses in the Moss staying Grethe Bachmann and her daughter Bettina. Together driver the with farming of katterasen Main Coon cat – a muscular, silky-smooth, long-haired cat.

Right now, they have six adult cats and 14 kittens living in the house. The small, hairy nøstene to in a few weeks move to a new home, but than as long as they hold the whole of Norway with the company.

On the stream NRK Always together, one can see the kittens eat, play and sleep, directly almost the whole day.

This kitten has been given the name of the viewers to the NRK. The name had to start with the letter K, then it is not surprising the name Korona.

Photo: Odd Skjerdal/NRK

– It’ll be our little koronavirus-contribution. It is nice to see something other than all that, the focus is on the web now, ” says Bachmann.

the Idea has been that the kittens will keep all the company in the unusual, new life with comprehensive koronatiltak in Norway. But søtnosene has attracted attention far beyond Norway’s borders.

Japanese media have written about the kittens

The first characters appeared on Twitter. Japanese mikrobloggere shared screenshots and the link to the stream, and charm of the kittens in the Moss. A tweet about cats is shared over 16,000 times.

Loads Twitter content Could not load the content, but you can go to twittermeldingen.

We have great analytics tools and so that it suddenly was a part of traffic in the middle of the night. Then there is the morning in Japan, ” says strategic advisor at NRK, Erlend Fernandez Stedding.

The japanese site Livedoor News, which will have over 15 million readers, has published a special issue about The kattestream. Stedding has also been interviewed by japanese Yahoo!

But it is in japanese, so I have no idea what they have written, he laughs.

The asian audience have also begun to use chat and emojitjenesten under kattestreamen.

“Furry”-visit in the kattestua

on Saturday morning visited a “furry”, a person dressed in a solid dyrekostyme, then in the Moss. The person in kattekostymet call themselves Sarah Lynx and held up posters with positive messages, in both English and japanese.

Cosplay is a hobby or subculture from Japan. The participants dress up as characters from popular culture, or, as here, an animal.

Photo: Odd Skjerdal/NRK See kattestreamen here: NRK Always together Read more about the “furries” here : A solid purple costume get Isaac (25) to change the personality