Northug couldn't compare skier Bolshunova with any star of world football

Olympic champion Petter Northug was compared to a Russian skier Alexander Bolshunova, who this season became the winner of the world Cup.

Best skier in the world Alexander Bolshunov earned in a season 158 thousand euros in prize money

“Yes, I do think of Johannes Clabo Lionel Messi ski racing. As for Bolshunova that someone from football I it difficult to compare. But he reminds me of me, believe that Bolshunov is a modern Northug,” – said at a meeting with supporters in Moscow.

34-year-old Norwegian said that his countrymen will be hard to take a Russian skier for the title of best in the world Cup because he is much younger than those who can compete with him in distance races.

“While this season he has become tactically much stronger. Of course, I still have a lot to teach him, but now he holds a race almost perfect,” he said.

Bolshunova 23 years, he secured the first place in the overall standings of the world Cup, becoming the first Russian who managed to win the big Crystal globe, reminds TASS.