North-Norway is “værtaperen” in Norway in the weekend.

It informs the on-duty meteorologist ” Eikill by the Norwegian Meteorological institute.

– It is the most weather in the north, tells Eikill.

It is cooler and there is a good deal of snow.

– There can be up to 20 centimetres of snow in some places. We can expect wind and blowing snow and difficult driving conditions.

Is below

It was sent out a farevarsel on gust for Nordland yesterday, but meteorologist says that this is cancelled after you have looked closely at the models today.

But it’s just sent out a NOTE warning of moderate icing on vessels in the East-Finnmark. Otherwise, going there is enough of a CAUTION alert of snow or blowing snow within the next couple of hours.

She points out that there are a good deal of wind in the north in the weekend.

It has been a part of wind now in the day. The direction has been west-south-west. From tonight onwards the night is the wind in the northwest.

– It is quite a powerful wind. First, in Nordland, so beyond the night in Troms and Finnmark. Up in a north-westerly stiff breeze.

@kirsten_ramberg shared this photo from the Pale in the Andøy with us on Instagram recently.

Photo: @kirsten_ramberg

In Wyoming, it can get up in the small storm around midnight. In the morning it may be the little storm throughout the day in the east of Finnmark.

There has been rain and sluddbyger the last few days. In the evening to snøgrensa sink part.

– When nordvesten turn into the temperature drops a good deal. We get freezing temperatures in the North of Norway, and it goes over to snow showers.

Asks people to be cautious

Beyond the weekend and Saturday it continues with winds from the northwest and snow showers.

In the course of Sunday diminishes the wind a bit. It is expected to be small gale.

On Twitter printer meteorologists that snøbygene stand in line in the weekend:

“Who needs gym when you have snow flurries?”, they write.

Eikill confirms that this can mean good trim for those who have missed it:

– It will probably be a part snømåking, yes.

Statsmeteorolog Kristian Gislefoss.

Photo: Su Thet Mon / NRK

Her colleague Kristian Gislefoss in Oslo tells us that it gets colder throughout the country.

Bergen, for example, here the temperature creep under three degrees. It’s cold for the end of march. In Oslo, it goes from eight to ten degrees to four-five.

Roughly speaking, one can say that one can expect snow from the Sognefjord to the north in the weekend.

– In Vestlandsfylkene are there showers in the lowlands. But where snøgrensa today located at around 300 metres, this will creep down the next day. However, it is the North of Norway which is the clear “winner” of the snøbygene in the weekend, ” says Gislefoss.


For Jotunheimen, Trollheimen, Dovre and Rondane join meteorologists about the snow flurries and high winds from Friday evening to Sunday evening

– Be careful if you have to go out and run, they write.

On the other hand, there is a large grass – and lyngbrannfare in Viken, Oslo, Vestfold and Telemark, Agder and Rogaland.

the Reason is a lot of old vegetation on the surface, that doesn’t take to moisture and that can easily be ignited, the.

Illustration: the Norwegian Meteorological institute