Northern Kuril Islands experienced a major earthquake

In the houses, like a pendulum, swinging chandeliers, flying off the shelves with heavy objects, the tables and chairs jumped up and down. In Severo-Kuril’sk area was even declared a tsunami alert. The inhabitants of the island in a matter of minutes was moved to a safe elevation. “People were evacuated from the port, mostly employees of the fish factory, and even kindergartners, – told “RG” the editor of the newspaper “Kuril fisherman” Yana Borodina. – About 400 people total. Schools are on vacation now, so students to evacuate had not”.

Photo: iStock Seismologist: the Alarm of a tsunami from the Kuril Islands was about

the Inhabitants of these far Eastern regions to mild earthquakes, in General, used to, but this one has me worried. “This was not long ago, his arms and legs were shaking,” – says a resident of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatka Tatiana Koryakina. “Over the past five to seven years is, perhaps, the strongest earthquake – confirmed Yana Borodina. – People are very scared. Imagine, you leave the house, and chimneys falling bricks.” But there were no casualties.

Over the past five to seven years is the most powerful earthquake in raisesalary Smoked. Was even declared a tsunami alert

“there were no injuries, confirmed “RG” the head of Severo-Kuril area of Alexander Serebryakov. And destructions, only the chimneys. The city is quiet”. Fortunately, approached the island the wave was weak – just two feet – and no harm brought.


Scientists believe that after today’s earthquake in the Northern Kuril Islands possible aftershocks. This was told by Deputy Chairman of the Council according to the forecasts of the Institute of Volcanology and seismology far Eastern branch of RAS Alexei Solomatin.

Photo: Eugene biyatov / RIA Novosti the height of the tsunami waves from the North-Kurilsk amounted to half a meter

“the Earthquake occurred not in the most active part of the seismogenic zone, the probability of more strong aftershocks here small. However, close to this area is a seismic gap. It increased the risk of new seismic events with a magnitude up to 7.7” – said Solomatin.

you Need to watch for earthquake precursors, to put into operation a system of online alerts for Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, Yelizovo and Vilyuchinsk. Scientists are now working on it.

Prepared Anna Bondarenko