A goose keeps the police in Northeim in suspense. The bird seems to have a great need for movement and freedom. “Our colleague has now become friends with Günther and is happy about every encounter,” writes the police.

A cheeky goose has repeatedly escaped from her farm in Northeim near Göttingen and is now known to the police. The goose had already escaped over a low fence three times, a police spokeswoman said on Thursday morning.

“We don’t know where she wants to go.” The police found out about the outbreaks from passers-by who had met the goose. Because an officer had to keep catching the goose, the animal is now “affectionately called Günther”, like her Police wrote on the short message service Twitter on Wednesday evening.

Günther lives with his female and two other geese on a farm. According to the spokeswoman, however, he does not get along very well with the other two geese. These are probably not as adventurous as Günther. “Only Günther is cheeky and runs away,” said the spokeswoman.