The deputies of the German Bundestag called on the government of Angela Merkel to prepare a response to U.S. sanctions against the “Nord stream – 2”. The corresponding statement was made following the discussion on the profile of the energy Committee of the German Parliament the initiative of US senators on the extension of restrictive measures against the construction of the pipeline.

Representatives of all factions agreed that “such extraterritorial sanctions are not compatible with international law and cannot be accepted.” Therefore, as noted in the document, “the Federal government asked to prepare and submit proposals for appropriate clear answer from Germany and the European Union.

This, recall, is a bill introduced June 4 in the Senate of the U.S. Congress. Proposed new restrictive measures may not only affect German and European companies participating in the project “Northern stream – 2”, but the work of government agencies of Germany.

The head of the Bundestag Committee on energy Klaus Ernst made a fairly tough statement about this initiative of us lawmakers, urging the country’s leaders to stop throwing in the USA “cotton balls” and start to “defend against attacks on the sovereignty of Germany and of Europe.”

Then he said that the government should consider possible steps in case the extension of us sanctions against the “Nord stream – 2”. In his view, the response could include invocation of the American Ambassador, the restriction against the senators, authors of the bill and the introduction of duties on incoming US liquefied natural gas.

The question of how to perceive the members of the Bundestag, Chancellor Merkel? And that, in principle, Germany could undertake in response to another blatant attempt of the Americans to block the start so she needed the pipeline?

Long known that these sanctions are contrary to all the laws, – commented the head of the Center for German studies Institute of Europe RAS Vladislav Belov. That is, the United States act contrary to international law, Iran, Russia and other countries, but no one else they could not oppose. So…

What sanctions will be taken, how they will look, we don’t know yet. But, apparently, it’s penalties against companies that provide services in General – no matter the insurance, engineering, repair… etc.

With high probability, trump in anticipation of the elections in November will do it. Not myself, of course, but through the relevant departments – the Ministry of Finance or the Ministry of Commerce are authorized.

Yes, it will be interesting to see that Brussels and Berlin will impose reciprocal sanctions against the United States.

<a href = "SP": – how Muchfrom Germany she can not answer?

– As far as I understand European law, Germany itself against the United States to take, because after all it is the prerogative, in my opinion, Brussels. Currently total foreign trade instruments of the EU.

But the United States, indeed, have reached a certain pain the border from Berlin and Brussels that they can go can not go. I believe that the probability that the United States is really high.

And then we’ll see what response will be taken by the European Union – not Berlin and Berlin plus Brussels. In my opinion, it will be a single answer.

“Spring”, so to speak, compressed Jul 2017 remind, in early August, was adopted the first law on the extension of anti-Russian sanctions – Countering America's Adversaries Through Sanctions Act (CAATSA), struck very much on us as it ended up. Therefore, it is important that this spring is compressed.

If enough of the mind of the American administration, they heard this threat. That is, from Berlin it was performed. This is the main essence of the application. Yes, the government is ready to take the initiative, the Bundestag is ready to support. Not the fact that will support the Brussels. But, nevertheless, the threat response is.

Because in the 17th Gabriel, Minister for foreign Affairs and Federal Chancellor of Austria Kern just wrote an indignant letter, in which trump has not responded. Now I made a specific threat to respond to extraterritorial U.S. sanctions.

View. But, in any case, States have the more experience is more likely to implement their anti-European and Pro-American interests.

<a href = "SP": – Can assume that specifically Berlin and Brussels can take in response to Washington's actions?

– Hard to say. This can be some limitations. But in fact this is the beginning of foreign trade confrontation. Which, of course, is not very good neither to Berlin, nor Washington. Moreover, Washington has threatened to impose prohibitive duties on European cars, and, first and foremost, this will affect Germany. So the situation is not very pleasant for both parties.

We are still left waiting. And if the United States does, then 99 percent, I think, the EU and Germany will meet. Moreover, Germany from 1 July, the EU presidency. Therefore, it is, of course, can lobby for the response. But how would it look today is absolutely unclear.

Dean of the faculty of sociology and political science of the Financial University under the government of the Russian Federation Alexander Shatilov, in turn, believes that Americans are now more difficult to put pressure on their partners, because America itself is in complete political disarray:

– Trump, as President, it seems, has broad powers, but at the moment he is seriously limited in their actions, as establishment and with this public protest.

He’s trying��ll understand the internal problems. Because the foreign factor the American society receded into the background. Need to curb this black protest.

And then, of course, the American elite will be difficult to consolidate, and, so to say, to strike at the “Nord stream – 2” and German lobbyists. Because all they have there is not easy, the Democrats, I think, will block foreign policy and foreign economic activity of the trump that it is not promoted for its high-profile initiatives, and will continue to finish it in the domestic political field, exploiting the public outcry.

In such circumstances, it seems to me to impose any specific rigid sanctions against German companies in the States will not be easy. This requires a consolidated position of the American elite, which is not due to internal contradictions, a very serious and, so to say, internal conflict.

<a href = "SP": – When it comes to financial and political interests of the United States, the American elite, as a rule, very quickly konsolidiruyutsya. And to squeeze Russia with the European gas market, their blue dream…

– It is a known fact. And that “Nord stream – 2” will allow Germany to become, by and large, by the intermediary of the gas distribution in the European market. Which, of course, Americans are not satisfied with.

But much still depends on the extent of the German elite will have enough political will to counterattack and to build unity in the ranks. Because the same Merkel has long been considered a reliable ally of Washington. And, despite its Pro-European rhetoric, he was under quite strict control of the United States. Evil tongues even claimed that she’s got some killer dirt from the Americans, which they can use.

<a href = "SP": – but in this case at stake and sovereignty of Germany and its economic well-being. Isn't that so?

This sovereignty has long been fake, so to speak. Frankly, after 1945 there is no sovereignty, at least de facto. Therefore, the German elite was not uniform. Some are supporters of Germany as the leader of a United Europe. Others as part of the Euro-Atlantic world led by the USA.

Who will win, it will be seen. In fact, Americans now, so to speak, stepped on the sore spot. Because the gas issue for Germany, it is a matter of principle. And, by imposing sanctions against the “Nord stream – 2” the United States is not just hit the economy of Germany, but also put an end to the leadership of Germany within the European Union. That is, it is a serious attack. Here on it we will see how the German elite is ready, indeed, to defend its sovereignty.