The favorite destinations of the Germans, such as Denmark, Austria, Spain or Italy have made close its borders – instead of holiday, there are many quarantine. Worldwide Hotels are dense, almost all holiday destinations locked.

Corona-crisis: after the Easter, the summer holiday?

But what next? A clear message from the Federal chamber of physicians President Klaus Reinhardt in the “WAZ”: “I don’t think the Germans can do this year again, holidays. (…) This summer will be different. We will probably not rise as usual in the car, in the train or on the plane and go on vacation.“

Even if the massive restrictions after Easter should gradually be eased, will employ the Corona pandemic in the country until the summer. Holiday countries such as Spain or Italy have not resolved the pandemic and the associated problems in the meantime to the extent that tourism is possible: “but I very much hope that we can make the in Parts of in the autumn holidays and, a fortiori, in the coming year.”

summer vacation abroad – it’s not

is well-known to many as Austria’s Chancellor, Sebastian Kurz (ÖVP), is more than skeptical: “as Long as there is no vaccine or effective drugs, is not it also give the freedom to travel as we have known.”

Although you can, for example, on the website of TUI a trip to Mallorca from the 21st century. May, for example, for the Hotel Leman Playa de Palma, for seven nights, but whether you can travel, really, is currently completely unclear. So the NRW-government chief Armin Laschet (CDU) warns against hasty Hotel and flight bookings: “Greater abroad, you can’t plan trips currently on a safe Basis”. Even in the Netherlands, the German tourists were “currently undesirable”, said Laschet in the “image”.

Corona-crisis: tourists at national borders stopped and sent back

The restrictions for holiday travel, however, relate not only to the foreign countries. Also in the inner country travel is restricted to not more possible – in particular, who longs for the beach and the sea, one can admire only in photos: all the guest houses and holiday houses in lower Saxony, Schleswig-Holstein and Mecklenburg-closed-Western Pomerania and Travelers, who want to cross the borders of the country, will be sent home and have to reckon with a fine.

when tourists are allowed back on the popular North sea and Baltic sea Islands, such as Sylt, Amrum or Usedom is currently still unknown – the fear of the risk of Infection at the mass tourism is large. “We don’t want to ruin everything, what we have achieved in the past three weeks, we have reduced the velocity of propagation of the Virus,” said Minister of tourism of Schleswig-Holstein Bernd Buchholz (FDP).

the North sea and the Baltic sea: when open beaches and Hotels?

Nevertheless, he is aware that many places in the North from tourism. The effects of the Corona current crisis has hit the industry, therefore, hard: “This is certainly the biggest turning point since the war, the tourism in Schleswig-has experienced Holstein,” is Buchholz.

you can open just the Hotels and restaurants again, has not yet predictable. “But now the whole of the summer season lost, the I would consider to be excessive.”

tourist ban: Schleswig-Holstein hard

made Clear, but It is extremely tight in terms of the season. How hard the branch is taken, show a couple of Figures: the Director of Tourism of the island of Fehmarn, Oliver Behncke quantified the loss of revenue for the entire tourism economy of the island since the 16th century. March 25 to 30 million euros. “For Schleswig-Holstein are normally realized in the Easter months of March/April of this year more than 4.5 million overnight Stays, corresponding to a total share of almost 13 percent of the annual bed volume”, says the managing Director of the tourism Agency of Schleswig-Holstein, Bettina Bunge.

Corona: tourism Association calls for a shift in the summer holidays

In Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and the tourism Association has called for now due to the Corona-crisis, the all of the summer holidays-dates to be postponed to August and September. At this time is to accept that there are more rooms for holiday and leisure time are released as in June and July, said managing Director Tobias Woitendorf.

The provinces, the start of the holidays, for example, already in June, may recover from the doldrums of the first few months of the year 2020 – and the Germans could begin their summer vacation, at least in Parts, but still. (vd) In the FOCUS Online/Wochit In lioness rest on the drinking end of antelope to – the to the Predator of old, FOCUS Online/Wochit lioness grid appearance to drinking antelope – the Predator of old,

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