ten days Ago, was North Korea’s ruler, Kim Jong-Un (35) nor statesman-like. Under strict security arrangements, he exchanged views in the port city of Vladivostok with Vladimir Putin (66) about important political issues. That was the real Kim? Or is it all just a pompous staged political show?

In any case, is not dismissed out of Hand. Kim can also be different. The Sunday newspaper reports, he set his Cyber-army Lazarus namely in Swiss banks. The US security company McAfee made the appropriate attacks in public.

Seemingly harmless applications

Kim’s hackers sent Mails to various Swiss financial houses. They were disguised as a harmless application. A Link will take you to the Dossiers of the job search. And installed, unnoticed, a malicious Software that uses pretty bold.

The Software reduces information, such as documents, user data, network configurations or system settings to an external Server. To have this, only the Hacker has access. The virus experts from McAfee, a appreciate the attack as serious. Give it the name “sniper”.

The Federal government is actively

Now, the Federal government also intervened, such as the Sunday newspaper. The Reporting and analysis centre, Melani has been in contact with banks that could be affected. Now it is clarified, whether the systems of the banks are affected by the spying software. The names of the banks remain a secret. (pbe)