North Korea closed the railway communication with Russia

Moscow, February 3 – “News.Economy” Pyongyang takes steps to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Photo: Wikimedia commons

as a preventive measure, the North Korean authorities also decided to shut down the passenger railway communication with Russia, reports TASS.

“the decision to suspend starting Monday the sending of trains on a route Pyongyang – Moscow and Pyongyang – Khabarovsk. The following are currently passenger cars from Moscow to the station of Tumangan, located on the territory of the DPRK, in accordance with the imposed quarantine measures will not be able to cross the Russian-Korean border,” the Agency said in the ticket office of railway tickets in Pyongyang.

According to state media, in the Republic of the enhanced monitoring entering from abroad. According to the KCNA, was developed steps to conduct thorough medical examinations and monitoring of all people entering the country after January 13.

the Agency notes, the Ministry of health of North Korea “in due time takes measures to block the spread of the disease”. The Ministry of health urges citizens to increased hygiene: according to experts of Department, prevention is the best solution in the absence of vaccines and drugs.

Earlier, Pyongyang has shut down all air and rail links with China. In addition, it was decided that all foreigners entering the country through China, keep in isolation for a month.

In North Korea have not yet registered any cases of the coronavirus. However, Pyongyang has announced the launch of a national emergency care system against the new virus. DPRK authorities called the move a “political issue” in determining the fate of the country.

Text: To.Economy