The Corona-crisis has also reached the isolated country.

the end of last week was reported out of the country, U.S. President Donald Trump have written to the North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un a letter. Trump had also expressed its intention for cooperation in disease control, it said on Sunday in a statement, the influential sister, Kim, and Kim Yo Jong (31) rich, in allusion to the Corona pandemic.

The Regime has made since the onset of the Corona-crisis in China, short process. At least symbolically. Foreign embassies were basically forced to Close (including the diplomatic mission of Germany) and the associated staff flown out of the country. Now a new hospital is formed.

“North Korea is taking the pandemic very seriously. You have sanctioned their own economy, so to speak, effectively, by setting the total trade with China,“ says Ankit Panda, one of the most North Korea analysts in the United States to IMAGE.

On Twitter commented on the Korea-expert, that is NOT likely, however, with a collapse of the Kim state:

“I’m not of the opinion that the ‘collapsing will come at the end of Vision of the future of North Korea’ soon to be back in fashion. I suspect that the Regime can survive – albeit at a high cost for ordinary North Koreans, who must always suffer.“

Also in severe Corona times, the army is on Kim’s side photo: / AP Photo / dpa

Expires North Korea in the Corona Mortis?

The last military exercise in early March, according to state news Agency KCNA of ruler Kim Jong-un (36) nor personally supervised, it said in the message. Of this have expressed his high appreciation for the “perfect combat readiness” of the armed forces. Kim is seen on the widely used propaganda images without a Mouth guard – while his soldiers wear the official images of the masks.

Kim had announced at the beginning of the year, to observe the Moratorium on nuclear tests, and Tests of Intercontinental ballistic missiles. He also threatened that North Korea will soon present a “new strategic weapon”.

the Virus, Kim now Makes a dash through the bill?