The Norovirus has broken out in the care centre and the linth region, based in Uznach, SG! So far it has caught a a patient. He has survived the worst already. But danger lurks everywhere. On doorknobs, toilet seats, and the kitchen. Therefore, in the residential and nursing home, and especially around the rooms with strict Hygiene rules.

“The Norovirus is very stable and can survive for a while, somewhere on a door latch and infect anyone,” says the interim Director Werner Amport (60). “The pathogen is particularly insidious. For infection it takes a lot less viruses than a flu.”

Still, the outbreak is not over and done with

The Patient suffered on Monday under the gastro-intestinal disease. At noon yesterday, he already had the obligatory 48 hours symptom-free. He is no longer contagious. “But that doesn’t mean unfortunately that it is over,” said Amport. “We established a crisis staff.”

Critical is that at Easter a large number of visitors coming to the care center. Amport: “We certify measures could continuously. What are the areas we need to shut off? Where it needs Intensive cleaning? What zones can we give back? We want to prevent with all our resources, a contagion in the house and outside.”

Up to now no cases of death

the Director of The orphanage has already homes experience with norovirus outbreaks in nursing. He has taken on with his company for 15 years, temporarily the management of multiple care centers. “Sometimes an outbreak will take several weeks, sometimes it is after a few days,” he explains. Until now, there had been the Norovirus under his leadership, with no deaths.

“A norovirus outbreak means a large additional expense,” he says. “It relates to finishing all of the staff in the nursing center. From the nursing staff, the cuisine, the hospitality, the service at all.” From the certainty of infection, the recommendations of the Canton medical service had been implemented. “Whether we defeat the Virus and it remains in an outbreak, we know it is only Easter,” said Amport. “Until then, we will be extremely careful.”

No further norovirus outbreaks

The Vice-Canton of doctor Karen Peier confirmed the outbreak in the care center. The management have taken all the necessary measures to prevent further spread: “the Isolation of the Diseased, as well as access measures include, for example, to prevent the spread outside of the home.” After all: at The Moment no further norovirus outbreaks are in the Canton of St. Gallen is known.