Dario Cologna know how to triumph in the Skiathlon. In 2013, he won the world Championships in Val di Fiemme Gold, and a year later at the Olympic Games in Sochi.

success, the donations to the Grisons in Seefeld after a so far disappointing season without a world Cup podium place is probably hope. But for the whole of the front done at his 6. World Cup participation: prior to the Skiwechsel – the Skiathlon after consists of 15km in classic style, the Skiwechsel and the 15km Skating – running Cologna in the first chase group of seven Leading.

Close decision to Gold after 30 kilometers,

Olympic champion Iivo Niskanen (2018, 50km) – powered at the beginning of the race, is challenging his competitors. Although he rushes to the food fights back of the fin and is often the pace.

In the brutal final battle of the good an hour of battle, not mixed with Niskanen and then. Three athletes combat the rise shortly before the end of the last reserves at the target print Sjur Röthe (No) after an hour and ten minutes ultra, just ahead of Alexander Bolschunow and Martin Johnsrud Sundby (No).

More Chance for Cologna

Cologna reached the goal with 1 Minute and 56 seconds behind Roethe, 14. In addition to Cologna Baumann (26) and Beda Klee (#43) started with Jonas and two other Swiss in the Skiathlon. The ailing Toni liversedge (35) is waived.

Now have to wait for the cross-country skiing-Switzerland up to Colognas the greatest remaining opportunity in the precious metal at this world Cup for a few days: in Seefeld, next Sunday (3. March), the 50 km skate. Colognas Liberation hit then? (str)

results Skiathlon

1.Sjur Röthe



2.Alexander Bolschunow



3.Martin J. Sundby



4.Iivo Niskanen



5.Clement Parisse



14.Dario Cologna



26.Jonas Baumann



43.Beda Klee



bears a strong appearance of Therese Johaug in the Skiathlon 15 km. The Norwegian role is of your favorites. And get in your first race at a major event after the doping of the barrier is equal to Gold. And how! The 30-Year-old is to stand right at the beginning of the whole field and runs alone to your 8. WM title. The tab: about a Minute. Next to her on the podium Ingvild Flugstad Østberg (No) and Natalia Neprjajewa (Russ). the Nathalie von Siebenthal withstands the Classic-part 19. some of the masses. In Skating from Berne will not be able to but at the end of 18.