in Order to save the traditions around the klinkbyggede wooden boat, the nordic countries sent the application to the Unesco.

It is virtually all places of the Danish coasts. It can be a fishing boat of a little older date, which is still used to this day.

The klinkbyggede boat.

The nordic countries, with their culture in the tip are joined together to write an application, which must incorporate the nordic klinkbådstraditioner on the Unesco list of humanity’s living heritage.

It writes to the viking ship museum in Roskilde, in a press release.

At the outer overlapping with the horizontal planks on the hull each other. Klinkbygningstraditionen have helped to shape Denmark as a maritime nation.

It is in an attempt to ensure the survival and continuation of the tradition, that the application has been sent.

the Number of boats that are built that way, has become smaller. The people who live there to build them is also less, according to the message.

Unesco has just acknowledged the receipt of the application, so now there is only the wait left.

Behind the application in Denmark is Træskibs Association in Denmark, He Herred Havbåde and the viking ship museum.

– They are the connection to our common past, and at the same time, something that forms a contemporary framework on environmentally friendly and sustainable outdoor recreation around the coastal culture and natural beauty.

– Here, you can, in community with others, to be part of a tradition and help to develop and secure the future of the tradition by creating new ways to use the boats, says Søren Nielsen, who is head of maritime crafts, and reconstruction at the viking ship museum, in the message

There is a recording in the list of world’s intangible cultural heritage. Denmark does not yet have any on this list.

thus, There is no talk about specific places or areas, as we know it from the original list of the world’s cultural heritage.

On the list of world heritage sites in Denmark, among other things, Roskilde Cathedral and Kronborg Castle.