attracted Quite the attention the Nokia 9 Pure View at the world premiere at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in February. Now you can buy it – and the Top model of the Finns need to show what it can do.

Centrally located, the camera system, which stands out visually from the competition is clearly. Seven holes hats on the back that has so far been made by any other manufacturer. A flash, a depth sensor, to five 12-Megapixel Sensors, three of which were pure monochrome.

So images should be possible as never before. Because it take with each shot, all lenses of the image information, and these 60 to 240 megapixels of data to be built together to make one photo.

What does this mean in practice? First of all, a lot of Waiting. Because the processing takes time, only after 10 to 20 seconds the image is visible, before you only get a preview. Tedious if you want to check the setting of the same, less bad, if it snaps easily. Because the processor processes the data in the Background.

more Annoying however is that you have to wait in the camera App, if you want to switch from one shooting modes to the next. Because it desperately needs a rework of the Software.

The Nokia 9-camera is not suitable for snapshots

Otherwise, there is good news and bad news. What quickly becomes clear: those who just want to take snapshots, you should buy a Nokia 9. Because it is only in good light conditions, the five lenses of play your strength without post-processing.

Then contrast the success of rich and extremely sharp images that capture incredibly a lot of Details. But only in the shade, the quality falls off rapidly. At least if you look at the photo directly or be sent.

The advantage is that it has a huge amount of data available. Say, you can increase the quality of your photos with post-processing significantly. Alone with an automatic photo enhancement to bring out significantly more than any other phone.

Who is willing to edit almost every image first the Nokia 9, a mobile phone camera in Hand, which is one of the best on the market. Also because you can move the focus at a later date and in very fine gradations.

quickly a photo can make but actually, only with the Selfie-Cam.

Solid Hardware, boring Design

With 669 Swiss francs and will cost the Nokia 9 less than current flagships, but is also cheap. Even with the equipment there will be a Mix of top of the line unit, and the middle class.

The Snapdragon 845, for example, is the best processor from Qualcomm last year, in the meantime, but there is a successor. With 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage, the device is again at the top.

The Oled Panel with a resolution of 2880 by 1440 pixels is top notch, the Design with thick edges, all around, is out of date. The battery is a 3320 mAh moderately. He is enough good for one day, and wonder at the running times, one should not expect.

The biggest trump card in addition to the camera, the Android One 9.0 Pie. The almost pure Android runs fast and smooth – it’s a treat. In addition, no double Apps, or accident bother Design ideas. Google there for at least three years regular Updates, much faster and more direct than in the case of other providers, the need to adjust everything each of their own Android Version.

The Finnish manufacturer has launched the Nokia 9, a pronounced camera specialists on the market. And is suitable really only for all those who are willing to operate for good photos, a certain amount of effort. The only way to use the skills of the five lenses. The average user will be disappointed, however, quickly – not only because of the strong improvement in camera App trusted.