The Central message of all the bourgeois advocates of the new weapons on the right: Should the Switzerland of the template on the 19. May agree to changes, for Shooters, hunters and firearms collectors little-to-nothing. And, of course, soldiers could keep their orderly weapon, as ever. There is no reason to risk it with a no at the ballot box, the Swiss membership of Schengen.

The argument seems to get caught at the voting citizens. Polls at least indicate a clear ‘Yes’.


Only the Left in its campaign, most recently in its own way. With a Skull and crossbones, consisting of fire-arms, the SP for a good mood in the ranks – under the efforts of the bourgeois Yes-camp is running. “Dead wrong,” the green-liberal national Council Beat Flat (54, AG) the Skull of the Left; it was as irrelevant as those of opponents of the new law, “so, like taking them to the assault rifle or some kind of tradition to shoot”.

The poster was “the beyond”, scolds Lawrence Hess (57, BDP). It is not evidence that the Left fights for Schengen, but against weapons. “It’s tactically stupid,” continues the Bernese national councillor and Colonel: “So shortly before the vote Sunday, those voting citizens who have a Yes struggled through, driven into the arms of the opponent.”

Other message – other campaign

Hess stressed that he is involved in this issue, not only because of Schengen “and not because I’m a Reform enthusiastic”. Hess: “But the ever-same circles objectives with this tasteless Subject dear to the gun owners and, ultimately, to the army.”

SP-national councillor Claudia Friedl (58, SP) doesn’t understand the fuss: “It is no secret that the SP further tightening of the arms wishes to the right”, the St. Galleries. “Our message is a different one, so we to a own campaign.”

Friedl’s formula: “The less guns are in circulation, the less the force of arms.” And in fact, would be able to be moved in with a ‘ Yes ‘ to the template firearms. For example, if the owner could not prove, to use it on a regular basis, for example in a club.