For your Mission as an artist, is Noëmi Manser (32) also risks. Re-painted in the Colombian city of Medellín, the wall of a commercial building. During the day, you had to endure the blazing sun, at night it was in the quarter-dangerous. “I came to my limits, also due to the dimensions of this project,” says the girl from Basel, Switzerland to VIEW.

In 14 meters in height, the artist, and also as a Model he worked in sweltering heat. “I was after six o’clock in the evening – then the temperatures have become more bearable, not more work. Because the district is in the centre of the city, in which I painted the artwork, dangerous, and notorious for Prostitution and drugs,” says Manser. So, she worked under great pressure of time, two and a half days to your great work. “On the first day we had no permit for the crane, which is why we lost in the construction of the scaffolding a lot of time.”

Noëmi Manser appeals to shared responsibility

The mural will be a powerful Symbol of peace and togetherness. It shows a bright sun and their “Connecting Brains”, which is salmon known faces, for the Manser. “No matter what want to instill into reactionary nationalist and radical religious leaders: We humans are all the same. And we have a code of ethics that unites us,” says Manser. “That’s why I want to connect the brains of all human beings to each other, in order to speak a language, a philosophy and as a group: A group that feels, as it were, belonging to and responsible for the world.”

Manser, the New York city borough of Brooklyn is at home and has resided with a local family: “It was all very cordial. You have brought to me every day, homemade food over and were very concerned that it is missing to me at nothing. In General, the people from there stay with me very positive memories.” Noëmi Manser is fascinated by Medellín. “It is very lively and loud in here. However, I have experienced Medellín as a very peaceful. A city that I will not forget in a hurry.”