In Bern, it is the backbenchers is not easy. It takes a lot to win the confidence of the great Kari Jalonen. A good Match is not a guarantee for more ice. All the more surprising that now, of all things, the Nobodies Bern keep above water.

The former SCB-juniors André’s home, the advanced in the third Block, after Gaëtan Haas wounded at the Hand, and Yanik Burren, with 13 minutes of ice time per Match, the number 7 at the defenders, made on Tuesday, that Bern could move in today in Geneva in the semi-final.

home is thinking about how he cheer

to the Burren “I’m not the type that shoots a lot of goals,” said Overtime Hero. “I’ll think of each and even how to cheer, if I was supposed to meet once. Just to make it different.” His fifth goal of the season. the 22-Year-old. “All of a sudden all ran to me. There’s nothing Better.”

The 20-year-old has scored in the last three games. And then Daniele Grassi of Relegated to Kloten. In qualifying, the striker was awarded with six minutes to at least spout per game. Now, the Ticino, where it does not suit at all, to talk about his achievements has achieved, in two matches, three goals, is today the emergence of Geneva as a Topskorer. “Grassi was our best man on Tuesday,” says Jalonen.

“they are our engine,”

The benefits of the “Nobodies” are not a surprise sport boss Alex Chatelain. “It is often the case that players tend to be the craftsmen show in the Playoffs, what do you have on it. That no one go left and the screen closed, as if he could maybe so much the play, speaks for the character.”

So, it looks also Captain Simon Moser. “The guys a great compliment. You have always remained positive. I like to treat you from the heart. You are our engine, make the Checks ready to fight for Pucks, go in front of the goal and do what would have to actually do it all.”

to Beat the Burren, home, Grassi and co. today?

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