as great as this year, the Chance to win a literature Nobel prize, never! Since the awarding of the 2018 was because of a scandal to Academy members, tomorrow Thursday, two winners. Double the joy this could also prepare the Swiss book trade.

According to eager to follow, therefore, the ceremony also in the case of Orell Füssli Thalia, as media spokesman Alfredo Schilirò on a VIEW-request says. “For us as a bookseller, the award of the Nobel prize for literature is an important Moment.” Relevant and important to the price especially as a sign of appreciation of literature.

best novel-Schreiber

The price but you can also have a promotional effect. How big those are dependent heavily on the winner, warns Schilirò. In the worst case – in purely economic terms – will win someone like Bob Dylan (78). When the Swedish Academy gave the Americans in 2016, the Nobel prize, was a book by him in the trade. Also little rewarding at the end of the winner are dense, such as Tomas Tranströmer (†83) was in 2011. A poet and a singer to win – fortunately for the business – rather rare.

What can cause a Nobel prize in the positive sense, shows Alice Munro (88). The canadian was awarded in 2013. “In the three months after the award ceremony, approximately 1600 books were sold, compared to just 20 books in the three months before that,” the impressive Figures of Schilirò. An increase of 8000 percent!

A tip for Christmas

Nevertheless, it would be the wrong approach to commercialize the price excessively come on and pure sales numbers behind it to see that the bookstore speaker to consider.

Also for the book center, which supplies as an intermediate trader the book trade, is of the Genre-the case is clear. “Poetry or plays will find, in spite of the Nobel prize for less readers than novels and stories,” says the spokeswoman. An important factor is the number of books of the winner is also.

The Nobel prize-effect of holding part to the Christmas business. The reason: “A Nobel prize winner or a Nobel laureate, is a quasi-estimated as “excellent” gift ideas.”

Who wins tomorrow, is today completely unclear. Can’t pre-order the book acts so. After all, on the list of favorites of the British betting offices some of the names, which could leave the cash registers ringing to be found. These include the canadian Margaret Atwood (79), and the Japanese Haruki Murakami (70) include. (jfr)