Tuesday is the day when the 2021 Nobel Prize in Physics will be announced. This award has been given in the past to recognize discoveries about fundamental forces and cosmic phenomena.

The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences will announce who the recipient is at 11:45 AM (0945 GMT; 5 :45 AM EDT).

It is not uncommon for scientists working in similar fields to share the prize. The prize was awarded last year to American Andrea Ghez, Roger Penrose from Britain, and Reinhard Genzel, Germany, for their research on black holes.

This prestigious award includes a gold medal, 10 million Swedish Kronor (more than $1.14 million) and a prestigious award. Alfred Nobel, the Swedish inventor, left the prize money in a bequest. He died in 1895.

The Nobel Committee presented with the Prize in Physiology or Medicine Monday to Ardem Patapoutian and David Julius, Americans for their research into temperature perception and touch.

In the days ahead, prizes will be presented for outstanding contributions in the areas of literature, chemistry, peace, and economics.