That’s an expensive Tweet. The AfD in the Bundestag, Jens Maier (57) has paid after a racist Twitter post about Noah Becker (25) 7500 euros (equivalent to 8100 francs) for Pain and suffering. It reported the “mirror” and refers to the media lawyer of Becker, Christian-Oliver Moser. In addition, the politicians came up for the attorney’s fees of the artist. Maier have transferred the money, according to Moser, “on time”.

in order for the dispute to the racist Tweet is finished, the Maier on 2. January 2018 on his Twitter Account dropped. In it, he referred to Noah Becker as a “little half-nigger”. Maier claimed at the time that one of his employees wrote the Tweet.

Becker-son wanted to set a sign against racism

The son of Tennis legend Boris Becker (51) filed an application and received in the first instance. 15’000 Euro (the equivalent of 16’300 Swiss francs) in compensation, he appealed to be awarded – against the Maier calling. Now they agreed on half. According to Becker’s lawyer, it was the Becker-Scion is not the sum of money, but a question of “against racism”. (paf)