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We are now in the midst of a samfunnskrise of unknown and unintended consequences and moving us in a difficult balancing act between the necessary and difficult measures to limit the infection and carry and authoritarian intervention in the samfunnsborgernes life. It is easy to be grasped by panic and call for powerful measures, with high symboleffekt, but with unclear consequences.

Velment, but the wrong

In the past, there have been several strong suggestions to shut vinmonopolene. The basic argument seems to be concern for children that now are shut up with dysfunctional parents. Without alcohol, would some of these children may be able to reach for the negative consequences. Initially this may be a velment suggestions.

I have worked with substance abuse for more than 30 years and knows the most about the negative consequences of a destructive alcohol consumption. I can, however, do not ask me behind such a proposal. There are several reasons for it.

It would affect large parts of a population that is ready to be involuntary totalavholdende.

Social venues closing

the Majority of the adult Norwegian population drink alcohol, without that this results in special problems. In our culture, alcohol is an important lubricants for social contact, enjoyment, relaxation and comfort.

The Norwegian society has now closed down almost all the community activities. The result is a dramatic loss of venues for social contact, entertainment, flirtation, and pleasure. We can no longer go on the town, see the theater, cinema or concerts. No clubs provides the opportunity for social contact, dance, and erotic conquests.

at the same time know most of us an acute need to escape from the bleak and vulnerable reality. Alcohol provides, for many, an opportunity to lower your shoulders and feel a moment of tankeflukt from the grim realities of the Uk (and international community) to stand up in. Jobs are threatened, large groups have lost employment and access to food, and the professional community.

Parents who drink too much, will not automatically become good parents, even if the alcohol is removed.

the Economy has enormous challenges, as we do not yet have an overview of, but which in any case is not uplifting. We’re sitting at home, with restless children, stressed cohabitation partners, and piles with toilet paper.

Needs to calm down

at-Home dinners, wine and a little privacy after the kids finally have come in bed, is currently one of the few ways we can get the lowered shoulders. Maybe see a series, listen to music. All of this goes a little easier when the alcohol has made us more relaxed, calmed us down, moved the focus inward and made us a bit less sensitive to all the threats outside.

For many single that now sits isolated and fear the future, want a little bit of alcohol could be a form of egenmedisinering, which makes that situation to be experienced more tolerable.

For most people, is a hassle-free, long-awaited and an oasis in everyday life. So of course, there is a part that is not fixes this as well. Alcohol problems found in many varieties and degrees.

For some, this will clearly go out of the children. Especially now when children are isolated at home with parents, without the air holes at the kindergarten and school sector.

But we must not forget that there are a number of ways parents can be dysfunctional (violence, abuse, neglect). This will not be changed if the alcohol is removed. Parents who drink too much, will not automatically become good parents if alcohol will be removed.

Harmful symbolpolitikk

To close the pole, would be a symbolhandling – seemingly strong, but small precise. It would affect large parts of a population that is ready to be involuntary totalavholdende. Especially not now, in an extremely challenging phase of life.

We need to make sure not smittevernsbudskapet drowning in symboltiltak with uncertain effects.

It would also, to a small extent make life easier for all those children who suffer from parental absence/failing care and camouflage of these children needs to be seen and helped.

For these children, we need good low-threshold offer, such as emergency and barnevernsvakt of beds akuttjenster. Not the least, it is important that the observant and ivaretagende adults in the community.

We must make sure that not smittevernsbudskapet drowning in symboltiltak with uncertain effects, and enormous negative side effects.

Moralisme and authoritarian intervention in citizens ‘ private life, beyond that which is directly relevant for the smittereduksjon is no benefit in the current situation. We can actually risk we that the cost of the measures can be more detrimental than the positive effect.

To close the pole now would be such a measure.

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