Amelie Mauresmo, a former number one and current trainer of Lucas Pouille, sees the current Situation in Tennis is critical.

After the announcement of the cancellation of the tradition tournament at Wimbledon on Wednesday, the other grass tournaments do not take place. In addition to the MercedesCup in Stuttgart, and the Noventi Open in Halle/Westfalen, the new ladies are deleted tournaments in Berlin and Bad Homburg.

As the Premiere of the ATP Mallorca Championships will have to wait until 2021. Stuttgart and Berlin, check whether you can perform your tournament at a later date in the year, but the prospects are very low.

Mauresmo calls for the cancellation of the Tennis Tour

After the Chaos in the tournament calendar, and the permanent Cancel Mauresmo wrote via Twitter: “I think we should draw a line behind all the season 2020.”

she is of the opinion that as long as no improvement of the Situation in sight, no Sport or tennis events should take place. “An international Tour with players of all nationalities, including your team, the spectators. People from all corners of the world bring these events to life.” With the equation “No vaccine = no Tennis” from the castle of your contribution.

WTA is planning measures for players and organizers

While some of the organisers to Cancel their event with the understanding, and with a harvest in the coming year, expect others to move their event to a later date in the year. Whether or not or how the Pro-Tour in 2020 will go further, is currently still in the stars.

Especially for the players of the lower world rankings, the current Situation is very problematic. Not held tournaments mean that you have no income. After some time the saved money reserves are running out.


the long-term to counteract a representative of the WTA as follows: “The WTA works diligently with our tournaments, to maximize the earning potential, if the Pro can Tour will resume, and is considering an extension of the ongoing 44-week season, in order to allow for more tournaments.”

Becker contrary firmly believes in the Tennis 2020

Boris Becker looks the Tennis year 2020 optimistic. “We should stop with the black painting,” tweeted the Head of Men’s Tennis. He is of the opinion that by 2020 “is of course” still played Tennis.

Contrary to the shiny optimism of the German the voices of the doubters to take. In addition to Mauresmo at the Australian Open boss Craig Tiley spoke: “My personal opinion is that it will be difficult to play in this year of Tennis.”

This article was written by Franziska Brülls

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