Very peculiar way of dressing young wife Yevgeny Petrosyan is a constant cause for discussion in social networks.

Here and posted her instagram photo, where she is depicted in dark blue dress with small print and a straw hat caused a heated discussion.

"fuck Off!": Brukhanova laid siege to the haters

Part of podeschi compared it with the Andreichenko (image of Mary Poppins), Tatiana called the “Turgenev’s girl” and even “the perfect lady”.

Others, however, criticized the dress Brownboy, which, according to followers, the ages of another young woman.

It should be noted that the discussion is quite correct.

“it seems that the garment by itself, you’re on your own… there is No harmony between you…”, “You’re so young, why do you like the style? Miss Was Mabel! It ages you!”

Tatiana critics to turn around in the microblog does not. Sharply responds like this:

“a poor excuse for an educated man or woman is You! Demagoguery leave for loved ones. Maybe they are Your sermons in a rush! I Your opinion, not interested. You mediocre and uncultured”.

Someone of the commentators asked if a review of foreign is not interesting – why then to put all those endless photos in different outfits? Maybe you want fame?

The owner of the account this issue, was outraged.

“You are too primitive to think. If I wanted fame for a long time “light” with his face on all TV channels of the country there is No TV channel in Russia who has not called me for the last 2 years with the invitation.”

As reported by “the Rambler”, Tatiana Brukhanova called Stepanenko “outlandish fourth wife” Petrosian.

The remark came in response to another accusation in the destruction of the family of the artist.

The girl recalled that the humorist to Stepanenko had three wives, with one of the marriages the child was born.

Publish from Tatyana Brukhunova (@bruhunova) 30 May 2020 1:47 PDT