Almost two weeks ago, Oliver Pocher surprised his fans with an emotional outburst. His wife Amira Pocher had chosen a really magical moment for her “Let’s Dance” performance with dance partner Massimo Sinató on the subject of “Magic Moments”: The mother of two wanted to dance to express her joy at seeing her Egyptian father again, whom she Hadn’t seen for 20 years.

Oliver Pocher had arranged the meeting four years ago – and burst into tears when he saw Amira at her “Magic Moment”. There was a standing ovation for his wife.

The comedian’s unusual outburst of tears, which also moved his wife to tears, was also an unforgettable television moment for the fans. After all, the TV star isn’t exactly known for showing her emotional side in public. For Amira Pocher, on the other hand, her husband’s emotion was not a big surprise.

In the ProSieben program “Prominent”, the 28-year-old explained that her husband could be very sensitive off camera. “That’s something that many don’t know, Oli is very warm and empathetic.” The well-being of his family or friends is always very important to him, Amira continues: “He does everything for his loved ones, he makes everything possible for them. “For her, this is a quality that she likes very much in her husband: “I appreciate that very much.”

In the conversation, Amira also told why her tears were running and both fell into each other’s arms after the dance: “When I saw him crying, that’s when I really started to cry,” she said in retrospect.

In the semi-finals, it was over for Amira Pocher with “Let’s Dance”, the points were no longer enough to make it into the final. However, the mother of two later showed up on “” relieved and proud that she had even made it this far. “You have to do that once in your life, after that it’s really time for a bit of family life again,” she announced. From her fee she has fulfilled her dream of a luxury car.

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