From the losses of the two “people’s parties” benefit with Green, Free voters and the AfD, both left as well as right-wing forces. Time for consequences. Or?

“We will have to draw our Lessons from this,” says the Prime Minister, Markus Söder, in a first opinion, speaks of a “painful” outcome. Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer announced it is “bitter”. “The result hurts incredibly,” the SPD top candidate Natascha Kohnen. You will be closed and “with all the openness in the analysis.” And Andrea Nahles: “We have to look forward now”.

According to harsh consequences, that didn’t sound first. Rather, according to the slogans, truisms and Wishy-Washy announcements that you might want to believe, the following consequences of the defeat. This impression is confirmed all the more, if you look at the handling of CSU and the SPD the day after the election. Purified according to the lesson of choice? Not really.

Seehofer sees the CSU-asylum rate the result of the election confirmed

Particularly noteworthy are: The appearance of Horst Seehofer on Monday morning. No, he’s not, and no personal discussion will start. No, the CSU will not change their way of working in the Federal government, but rather “a Partner with a strong own profile, and not months or years of silence”. Only the word “constructive” suggests that Seehofer’s CSU could maybe dial it back a notch.

the best grades in Ignoring the reality Seehofer, however, for the following statement: That the AfD did not cut off in Bavaria as strong, the CSU leader as a sign that we "are not, at least, dealt incorrectly with the theme of AfD". Here, the policy-Newsletter

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A spectacular statement, for several reasons. First, because the AfD ended up out of the booth in about ten percent of the CSU’s 160,000 voters tricked. Secondly, because the CSU lost to 170,000 voters to the Green party, the stylized itself as an antithesis to the CSU-sharp-making in refugee policy. To the left and to the right is lost and that is why everything is done correctly with the hard-line course on the subject of immigration? Purification sounds different.

In the FOCUS Online/Wochit-On question to the Seehofer-resignation Söder responded irritated

Unusually, too, how quickly Prime Minister Söder said in the first opinion after the election against the Greens and the Free voters. That’s not the impression that would reflect in the CSU, someone serious about a change of Course that could pacify the Green migrant voters.

After all: Söder emphasized after the election several times, he could still learn, and that the CSU must consider to develop an “offensive-constructive” style in Berlin. The CSU has a Problem in large cities and more voters need to take care of that life for more than 30 years ago in Bavaria – the arrived, if we are to believe Söder.

Clearly the leader of the European people’s party (EPP) in the European Parliament, Manfred Weber (CSU), the criticism of the political orientation of his party and a return of the CSU “a party of the middle” calls.

the Human consequences? Not yet – Seehofer’s period

runs the Personnel consequences in the CSU, but first. Scattered voices, calling for it though. However, a rapid fall do not need to fear Seehofer: Söder wants to form first, without the distraction of a stable government, in the four weeks that he has, he needs no staff debates.

Seehofer gets a grace period, which can be fairly accurately narrow down. 24. November, he must bring the list of CSU for the European election on the way. In the days that followed the end of November or beginning of December, should be carried out the analysis of the state election.

In the FOCUS Online/Wochit question according to its own mistakes: that’s Why Andrea Nahles, left the ARD Interview, The SPD pushes the blame for her debacle on the cross shots of the CSU in Berlin

she is petrified, no Laughter. Down rattle of slogans. “As the SPD, we stand together, even after such a defeat,” says SPD Leader Andrea Nahles on Monday, next to her on the Podium is Natascha Kohnen, the Bavarian top candidate. The usual bouquet of flowers, you may save.

The SPD is seen after the Bayern-choice so confused as clueless. Almost feel sorry for a can Try the party in their repetitive, to explain the bad SPD election results with the Union infighting in the Federal government. Clear – a good image, the government is not in Berlin, which was especially at the cross-shots of the CSU, and emits a part of the CDU and the SPD.

Just this: That the CSU in Berlin, is solely to blame for the crash of the SPD in Bavaria, in the once the due date is abstruse. This is rather the vision and inspiration of a lack of Federal and provincial party. Kohnen put on a own choice fighting style with a lot of feeling and a little attack – brave, given that social democracy has to fight in Bavaria, traditionally. The result: Kohnen was able to no time, the electorate with their “decency”-the messages behind the stove to coax. Instead, the Green cleaned up with the noisy, bouncy and feisty Katharina Schulze.

survey: survey: Whose Position as a party leader is weakened by the outcome of the state election in Bavaria, in their opinion, most clearly?    
Human consequences? To speak at the beginning of November, maybe,

you’ll Also if Kohnen in an implying manner, repeatedly, constantly, about everything – “and with everything I mean everything”: the Human consequences of this historical fiasco is not the first. The SPD is postponed, instead the processing of your crash at the beginning of November. On a Board exam to be reasons and possible consequences advise analyzes how the Secretary-General Lars Klingbeil announced. That Kohnens chair should fall over, seems quite clear.

The party leadership is clinging to the hope of a better showing in the state election in Hesse could relax the situation for the SPD and its leadership. Remains only to hope that the Comrades and seek the fault in themselves and not just “the poor image of the Federal government”.

In the FOCUS Online/Wochit survey shows: The Grand coalition parties, the same fate threatens in Hesse, like in Bavaria