With the flat of his Hand, he touches the shirt sleeves, to no fold Board is felt between the fabric and Ironing. For this step you need to take enough time, says Adrian Lanzrein (55). “Otherwise it is nothing.”

Subsequently, the father of a family, and the SAP travels consultants from Arbon with the Sizzling iron on the Sleeves. From the shoulder seam to the cuff, a crease is formed.

Lanzrein ironed out shirts with his steam Ironing system for thirty years, weekly, and looks to documentaries, which he receives from the television program. About four minutes he needs for a shirt. This is about twice as long as a Pro, for a layman but a good value.

“My wife has suggested, the thing to outsource, as do the many urbanites,” he says. “I am but very redneck. The money repenteth me.” His mother has taught him how to iron. “The fun I never had in mind. It must be made easy.”

The iron and the clichés

Lanzreins aversion coincides with that of many Swiss. In a survey of the real estate market place home gate.ch of 1294 Swiss stand iron recently ranked one of the most unpopular household chores.

As a Journalist, a private person who wants to self-ironed and talk about it – in the year 2019, a correspondingly difficult task.

Double-to make matters worse: What woman wants to be with a activity, which could reduce unintentionally the Housewives of existence. And which is the Ironing man want to give the false impression that he wants to be celebrated for something that was cliché to mainly women to do.

Lanzrein hoped for with his media appearance as a Press, to make advertising for the classic car boot MS Mars, he played on the lake with a club as an Event Location.

Self-cleaning ladies do it

What is so bad on the Smooth clothes? That you have to do it correctly or remain the same can. Especially when mostly ironed piece of clothing, the shirt.

A trained eye to notice, when the saddle is, as the rectangle under the neck of the subject language means that is wrinkled. With buttons, attached collar, so-called Button-Downs, must be opened so that they can be flat on the Board to interpret. In the same way as the cuffs. The needs of the time. A Lot Of Time.

Even the professional cleaning staff is too cumbersome. In the Agency’s cleaning woman.ch offer only 30 percent of the 1,800 employees of this Service.

Many of the young Swiss have never even held an iron in your Hand

“in the past, Ironing was a matter of Prestige,” says Lisa Vogt (51), head of the home Economics training at the Agricultural centre liebegg castle AG. “My mother would be now 90 years old. She was always very proud of her well-run household. Who is not stacked ironed in their Generation, his sheets perfectly and precisely placed together in the Cabinet, was regarded as a bad house wife.”

Vogt is in charge of the liebegg castle the course a farmer’s wife, the almost exclusively women’s documents. Many of the young Swiss had never held an iron in Hand, she says, because the parents were involved, never in the house to work with.

To teach little time, too little appreciation

“We have our students, such as iron, technically correctly, try but, the claim to the perfection to uphold. There is still to do enough else on the court.” You think it would be good, that today, less Ironing than in the past, where even under pants, socks and work clothes on the Board came, says Vogt.

iron is not a “time critical” activities such as the preparation of meals, the need to be ready at a particular time. As a result, many in the evening, Ironing, according to Vogt, in front of the TV, so in the spare time.

About 70 percent of the unpaid domestic work involved in Switzerland, to do according to the Federal office of statistics, women’s work, experiences little appreciation. Vogt: “the changes, is an important objective of the farmers training.”

In the classroom is Ironing Ironing a thing of the past

Until the 1970s, students in Switzerland depending on the Canton in the hand, and then partly in the subject of home Economics.

In the Department of “economy, employment, household” in the curriculum 21, the occur in 2021 in all of the cantons, in force, is not mentioned Ironing explicitly. It depends on the individual teacher whether the students will practice it virtually. to procure

For a whole class Ironing boards and iron, is expensive. The curriculum 21 provides anyway, to modernize the home Economics classes and at times in which much is to be outsourced. In addition to the preparation of food also the iron.

For Laundry, not one step more

The main reason for “Outsourcing”: the time is in the optimized society, is a valuable asset. According to Terlinden, the industry leader for textile care in the Zurich Region, “sources” many of the professionals in Switzerland, the Ironing, because they do not want to spend their sparse leisure time.

bring your shirts and blouses in the textile care, better known as cleaning, where employees pull mostly a bust, and there presses or vapor smoothing. It’s quick, strained the seams and button holes. Buttons made of mother-of-pearl can shatter due to the heat even. Including cleaning, a machine-ironed shirt costs about four francs.

In the year of 2016, there was in Switzerland according to the latest Figures from the Federal office for statistics, 644 workplaces for textile care, in which 2463 persons were employed. Thus, the customers need to do less, provides Terlindens rival Cleaning Store in branches of large companies, including many banks, a Terminal with control – and Payment App. Employees can throw their dirty apparel into a Container and after 48 hours, cleaned and ironed again to pick up.

So the customers save the path in the cleaning – if you possess anything, the ironed must be. Because fewer and fewer professionals appear in the shirt to work. Fashion today is so casual like never before.

Ironing-free shirts fight with the bad Image

at the same time, the textile industry brings more and more easy-care fabrics on the market, the brands have to apply with the help of dynamic attributes such as “Easy Care” or “Dry Technology”.

free shirt-sticks That the straps are a spiessiges Image is more and more the old-fashioned cut, the Designer miss him often, as to the nature of the material.

This usually consists of a mixed fabric made of cotton, Polyester and elastane. Also crease-free from one hundred percent cotton is available. It needs to be treated with more synthetic resins as a knitter fabric free from mixing. After about thirty washes, the effect of the chemicals decreases.

Not all believe in Ironing-free shirt

The synthetic fibres shirt-makers into a sweat? “No,” says Andrea Hagmann (50), a lecturer at the Swiss Textile College in Zurich, “this is an old wives’ tale.”

Of the Non-Iron-shirt you don’t believe. In your opinion, you have “non-iron” shirts smooth, it is just so much easier. “I have quite other demands on the result than members of younger generations,” added Hagmann.

For their students, the iron belongs to the study of everyday life. “Wrinkled fabrics you can sew. And according to the Tailor a piece of clothing is always ironed everything again in perfect shape.”

at Least in the fashion industry, the iron Hand is live. In everyday life it has no big future.

Me the physical challenge appealed to duration of the iron is primarily a matter of strength and endurance. I am at the time, also ran ultra-marathons.

Italy interior in the cleaning, which I had, after I came in 1982 from Costa Rica to Switzerland.

no, I had to learn it from scratch. My mother was a very good Büglerin and has worked with an iron in the glowing coal had to fill. I, however, was not interested in learning it from her.

I studied medicine and actually was always busy only with books.

record holder in the long-term iron in the meantime, you have been trumped . How much you get clever with this?
From my point of view has not been broken my record, because I have ironed, as the Only langärmige shirts, what is most complicated.

ironed. At some point you had to make sure a break
, or?
I have been granted a five-minute break per hour, which I was able to collect. After 24 hours, I moved every two hours to go to the toilet and me just laying down.

22 pieces. The per shirt is 2.7 minutes – Depend on and re-hang, including.

your cleaning sold. Leave your Laundry today, the new owners?
I would give my Laundry never out of your hands. For me it is something very Personal.