Three flagships has left the EU in the course of the last few years, already from the deck of a graph on the “miracle material”, the “Human Brain Project” on the human brain and the latest on quantum technologies. Ten years and a billion Euro Budget for these mega projects. However, with the flagship programs should be at least in the previous Form of circuit, such as the magazine “Science” Online in a reported article.

the EU Commission and the EU Parliament via the Details to the “Horizon Europe”, the successor to the research funding programme “Horizon 2020”, but you’ve already agreed on a program structure, reported in “Science”. The two to three new flagships, which wanted to select the EU research Commission’s original 2020 are missing.

the six candidates shrunken Shortlist for the selection of the project “TimeMachine, among other things,” under the leadership of the EPFL. The goal is to digitize the cultural heritage of Europe that lies dormant in archives and museums.

The EPFL wants to run “TimeMachine” nevertheless, more and a new looking for financing, as announced on Wednesday on request. The project had received at the beginning of the year by the Jury, the best valuation, said Andreas Mortensen, the Vice President for research at the EPFL.

As the reason for the departure of the flagship, Kurt Vandenberghe from the European Commission called that you have had the feeling of “Horizon Europe” have a lot of different financing instruments and approaches. You have tried to “streamlinen”.

Perhaps these projects are somehow different, under the umbrella of “Horizon Europe”, was Vandenberghe quote. The project team would have heard the news already in March. Previously we had asked you, according to the “Science” is already to speak, not more of the “flagships”, but of “large-scaled research initiatives”. The three previous flagships are not affected by the Changes.

Christian Ehler, the Parliament leading the negotiations on “Horizon Europe” for the EU, stressed that the Parliament was very concerned about the future of the six candidate projects. He wanted to work with the Commission to ensure that they are implemented under “Horizon Europe”.

Meanwhile, the project teams continue to work on detailed implementation plans for its “major research initiatives”, which you must submit by may 2020. The uncertainties about the future structures of the research funding under “Horizon Europe” some aspects of planning difficult. Also the framework in which Switzerland can participate in the framework programme for Research, has not yet been clarified conclusively.