Leroy Sané has had a tough season. First fans whistled at him, then he inspired with strong games – in the end he was back on the bench. A new approach is set to change everything in the new season.

Less pressure for Sané: Leroy Sané’s lack of consistency poses questions for FC Bayern with a view to next season. Then, according to information from ” Kicker “, Bayern wants to try a new approach with such a talented attacker.

Short, compact, clear

Bavaria wants to “allow Sané more peace”: Internally, it is said that many discussions with him were rather counterproductive. Now the expectations should be reduced in order to give the 26-year-old more freedom and take the pressure off him. “Kicker”: Bayern want “to allow the player more peace, to let him be as he is.”

Wrong role model after the transfer: Bayern’s initial approach may not have been right. “Kicker” writes: “Sané never wanted the role of the Messiah”. After signing from Manchester City, the striker was portrayed as a new superstar. A role that Sané sees very differently: “It’s not like I want to be seen as a glamor figure,” he emphasizes.

FC Bayern Munich is currently in the middle of the conversion for the new season. But he also has to deal with more and more players who want to leave the club. In a column, Lothar Matthäus is now dealing with the new development for him.

After Sadio Mané, FC Bayern Munich is apparently still interested in another player from the Premier League: İlkay Gündoğan (31) is said to have become interested in the record champions.