you are young, you are many, you can afford more and you are sweet tooth. The people in the Asian boom countries, such as Indonesia, Malaysia or Pakistan want it to Sweet. Especially popular are foreign foreign Treats in fancy shapes. Thus, the triangular chocolate bar, or the round chocolate balls from Switzerland.

In the far East attracted the business of the future – and there is hardly a Swiss chocolate dealers such as Toblerone, Lindt & Sprüngli, Nestlé or its smaller competitor wants to miss the Run.

A small thing, but it is important to note that most of these boom States are unique to Islam. And halal is the trump card! In Arabic, the word means “permitted” or “permitted”. What is halal and complies with the rules of the Koran, so it may be consumed.

New import rules in Pakistan

The religious subtleties are now Lindt & Sprüngli undoing. Since the beginning of this month in Pakistan with 200 million potential sweet tooth – new import rules. The two most bitter Changes from a Swiss point of view: The ingredients need to be in the Pakistan official language on the packaging – in Urdu! And: as of now, Pakistan demanded an official Halal certificate.

it is reported, However, as the company from Kilchberg ZH to Christmas on request: “Lindt & Sprüngli currently no halal-certified products.” At the time, already a competitor Toblerone on halal had the jump-compliant production and the Sunday views-the message taken care of in headlines around the world.

Lindt & Sprüngli, keeps the Ball flat

when it comes to Pakistan, Lindt & Sprüngli now has bad luck. Lindor balls are undesirable and will not be delivered immediately. On request, it is taciturn. Yes, Lindt&Sprüngli products would not be sold in Pakistan. Yes, until recently we’ve sold there, still Lindor. The company is playing down the whole thing, speaking of small amounts. No further comment. According to insiders, it wants to wait and see first how the situation develops with the new law.

An unfavorable development could also be in Indonesia before. The largest Muslim country in the world makes this October seriously with his Halal law. Then it means for Swiss companies: halal or export stop.

Camille Bloch about is not halal and not exported to Pakistan or Indonesia. The situation is different in the case of Nestlé, the largest food company in the world. More than a hundred of its factories are halal certified.

one way or the other: charged to The topic. On companies who advertise with the label “halal”, is responding with a boycott call. Southpaw, like the German AfD is a sign of an alleged Islamisation in the process.

the Last time it hit Toblerone. No, according to Pakistan, you will not, deliver the manufacturer of the triangular chocolate already times as a precaution.