a few days Ago, Apple Card is launched in the United States. The credit card comes in a Version made of titanium, it is more secure than any other credit card and just “beautiful”, says Apple. But obviously it is not quite as stable as plastic cards, the iPhone maker has launched a separate website that is completely dedicated to the care and Cleaning of the Apple Card.

And there reading Amazing. So materials like denim or leather can discolor the credit card permanently. Especially the Latter is very unfavorable, because many people carry their credit cards in a wallet made of leather. And also the iPhone cases with slots for credit cards are of course almost always made of leather.

titanium is scratched other cards – but it’s still not invulnerable

Apple also warns that the Apple Card with other credit cards comes in contact with. It could be the scratches to give – but probably due to the plastic cards. Thus, the titanium will not be the destroyer in the wallet, it should be transported separately in a bag, a tray or a pouch made of soft Material.

Although the map of the Apple is harder than the other, it is possible to transport in a pocket with keys, coins or other hard objects. Of course, there are also limitations, as with all cards with magnetic strips. So you should keep the Apple Card magnets, for example, of bag closures remote.

After all, there is for Apple-Card users, two good News: The physical card all you need to do there, where you can pay wirelessly with the virtual card on the iPhone or the Apple Watch. And you need a replacement card, one will be delivered it for free.