Greta is here! After 15 days on the sail boat Malizia II – no shower, toilet or bed – has entered the Swedish climate activist on Wednesday U.S. soil. As with everything that Thunberg does, was also pursued their journey across the Atlantic with great interest. At least in Europe.

And in the United States?

My colleagues in the office are very confused, as I at lunch, this Greta Thunberg to talk to start. No one seems to have ever in this 16-year-old girl.

One of the (serious) issues and comments was: “climate protection? So she drives a Tesla?”

climate change is hardly a topic in the election campaign

The Greta-the Hype is not as sweeping up in the USA over. That Thunberg arrived on Wednesday, the U.S. media – with a few exceptions – also ignored.

the reason lies in The political debate: While in Switzerland and in many other European countries, the climate has become an election issue number 1, will be discussed in the United States is hardly about that. Certainly Some Democrats to talk climate change, but it is usually only the fourth or fifth.

Added to this, even those on the left the US Americans have a very different idea of climate protection. To reduce the individual CO2-footprint? Is not an issue here.

electric vehicles? Yes! Regulations? No!

Greta Thunberg expected to be a real culture shock. Unlike in Sweden or Switzerland, you will have to start again. My colleague on the issue of climate came to speak to protection on his Tesla, is significant.

The Yanks might think of technologies such as electric vehicles or solar panels. But you don’t believe in government regulations. And Left such rights to be here. also, not a 16-Year-old faith, the cross, due to emission concerns with the boat instead of the plane of the Atlantic ocean

Therefore, Greta in the USA will be if you should still attracting attention, as a radical girl. The Tesla drivers.