It’s been a lot of F1 fans are tough times, and without the Formula-1 on TV. That’s why F1Journaal for a number of films, series and documentaries in a row that are worth it to be in the middle of this coronacrisis from your side of view.

< br /> Meanwhile, it is well-known among auto racing fans and will also be of interest to those who have nothing with them. A documentary film that the viewer’s gaze goes behind-the-scenes of the current F1 circus is filled with the required amount of drama.

< br /> A documentary film about the five-fold world champion, Juan Manuel Fangio, and for many, it is the greatest of all time.

< br /> A documentary film about the rivalry between Ford and Ferrari in the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

< / b> Williams tells the story of Frank Williams and how he lead his team to the top, brought out, and how his family fought to keep him alive, and the team is still on after the crash, Frank is in a wheelchair and has had to spend the rest of his life.

< br /> all The Gentleman-Driver gives you an inside look into the lives of four exceptional professionals who want to make it like the drivers at the top level of the sportwagenraces.

< br /> all of the GRAND PRIX Driver, it gives the viewer a look behind the scenes of the F1 team of McLaren, in 2017, the debut year of the belgian Stoffel Vandoorne.

a documentary about the 24 hours of Le Mans and a look behind-the-scenes tour of the six teams, and the organization.

< br /> Red Bull, made a selection of her own films, and documentaries, all of which you, as an F1 fan needs to have seen it.

in the Movies and documentaries that you won’t be able to stream, but that every racefan is in some way lying.

a Wonderful documentary on the life of triple world champion Ayrton Senna.

< br /> a Film by Ron Howard, on the legendary season of 1976.

< br /> is The attempt by Sylvester Stallone to make a film about Formula 1, featuring himself in the lead role to make up.

a Movie about Nascar with Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman from 1990 to the nostalgic and romantic souls among us.

the Legendary movie with Steve McQueen from 1971 on, the 24 hours of Le Mans.

We hope you will find hours and hours of entertainment!

the Above films, however, is not in the house. Most of them are available in viabijvoorbeeldAmazonofFnac.

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