Famed Russian coach Alexander Zhulin has suggested that the Covid-19 pandemic will make serious changes to the figure skating calendar including the cancellation of major events like the World and European Championships.

The former ice dance and Olympic silver medalist expressed hope that at least several international events will be held during the season allowing skaters to compete instead of being fully concentrated just on training.

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The situation is really bad. We will take part in those events which will be conducted. I do hope that the world championship won’t be abandoned, but honestly the chances are miserable. The Four Continents event has already been canceled and it’s more than likely that the world and European championships will be called off as well,” Zhulin said.

I think that Russia’s Grand Prix Series (Rostelecom Cup) will go ahead. Even if spectators are not allowed to attend, it would be good. Athletes should compete, it’s enormously difficult to perform without motivation. Having at least two competitions is much better than just training,” he added.

Attempting to save the season, the International Skating Union (ISU) changed its rules to overcome travel restrictions by allowing Grand Prix host countries to run events with “domestic skaters and skaters who train in the host country or respective geographical region.”

However, these measures didn’t help a lot, as two out of five Grand Prix stages, including Skate Canada International and Internationaux de France were already canceled due to Covid-19 fears.Other events which would be held under the ISU guidance remain in doubt as the pandemic crisis continues.