Instead, achievements “for dying patients with opiates and sleeping pills,” write the staff of the German Institute for disaster medicine in Tübingen in the report is present the German press Agency. The Doctors report in the paper of a “tangible threat” by the Virus. Under the assumption that it could set a similar trend soon in Germany, is an optimal preparation of the “utmost urgency”.

Actually, the French media reported last week by Doctors and nurses who have started, younger people, the elderly in the treatment is preferable. The French daily newspaper “Le Parisien” language is already last Wednesday with a nurse about the dramatic Situation in French hospitals. “Yes, we can start to sort the patients,” said the expert from the affected elsäsischen Mulhouse the sheet. “It’s like in the war medicine, you have to make decisions. It depends on the age or health.“

Severe Corona history: With these criteria, Doctors are life-and-death PCP decide Severe Corona history: With these criteria to Doctors about life and death

choose Baden-Württemberg, Alsace patients on

in the Meantime, several seriously ill patients from the border area were brought to Germany and also in Switzerland. The “Badische Zeitung” reported, has included the University hospital of Freiburg, two patients from the Alsace region, three people were transferred to Heidelberg. The hospital of Ulm and the military hospital of Ulm, there were a total of three intensive care beds. Two further patients should be placed accordingly in each case in Mannheim and Villingen-Schwenningen.

had Previously asked Baden-württemberg Ministry of health, the hospitals, aid the needy Corona-patients from the Alsace border area. “Even if we have in Baden-Württemberg, self-limited capacity and unfortunately for us some of the bottleneck opens up, we try to help our French neighbours, of course,” a spokesman of the Ministry.

The province on the border to France, has, according to the Ministry enough free ventilation places. As the “Swabian newspaper” reported, to be occupied by the 2300 places, although currently, about 80 percent, including less than 20 Corona-patients are however.

doctors warn of “medical collateral damage”

“The German health care system continues to be well positioned, it said on Thursday, in the baden-württemberg Ministry of the interior. But you take the situation in Alsace as a cautionary example on the horizon“. They wanted to intensify the work against the Virus even further.

intensive care physicians and emergency doctors to come in the crisis, a key role, wrote the disaster practitioners in your report. “The failure of every single Person in these areas will cost at the end of human life.” Therefore, would apply to these professionals play a special role. France allow also infected Doctors the work. “Only in case of confirmed infection, and own symptoms, the work is interrupted for a few days,” write the doctors on the French rescue service.

The doctors warn that because of the Corona-crisis but also before “medical collateral damage”. The people would, despite the Corona-crisis, are entitled to adequate treatment because of heart attacks or accidents. “We must not lose sight of the end, all of these patients, in order to have all the Covid-19-patients saved.”

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