Nissan will concentrate on the UK instead of the EU

Moscow, February 3 – “News.Economy” According to the FT, the Japanese automaker has prepared a plan of concentration in the UK market if Brussels and London do not agree about fees.

Photo: ALLEN THOMAS/ Pexels

the Plan involves the abandonment of productive activities in Spain and France. Thus, the company will make a 180° relative to previous plans, because in October last year, Nissan warned that if the agreement between London and Brussels is not reached, the company will waive the production of the Qashqai at the plant in English Sunderland. But on cars of this model have ∎ manufactured by the company vehicles. The plant in Sunderland is the largest in the UK. With its conveyor out of 440 thousand cars, half of which is exported to the EU.

the sources said that now Nissan is considering the closure of a factory in Barcelona and the cessation of activity in France. In particular, out in the UK plan to move production of the Micra model. In addition to Sunderland could ∎to move∎ the production of the model X-Trail, although last year it was reported about the refusal of plans of release of these crossovers in England. In addition, it is expected to reduce the supply of parts from the EU, which may fall within the scope of the alleged duties. Moreover, that Nissan intends to abandon the diesel engines produced by Renault.

Sources FT explain that the introduction of high tariffs on car imports in the United Kingdom, will raise the price of American cars (specifically Ford), as well as the production of German concern of Volkswagen. This will play into the hands of Nissan, increasing the competitiveness of the Japanese automaker and allowing to increase its share on the British market from 4% to 20%.

the publication notes that the concentration on the UK is one of the options developed before joining the company’s new prethe President Makoto Uchida in December last year. However, Nissan Europe the existence of this option deny. “We simulated all the possible consequences of Brexit – the fact remains that our whole business both in the UK and in Europe is not viable in the case of actions of duties of the WTO”, – quotes the Financial Times review of the company representative. Text: News.Economy