“hate people, or love him!” Designer Matthew Weaver says to his controversial Nissan Juke. But that’s exactly the reason for the big success of the small SUVs is expected to be a lights with the.

in Total, were sold in the last nine years, 1.9 million Juke – about half of them in Europe. In Switzerland, there were 11’244 piece. At times the Juke was the second most popular Nissan. However, there was at the time of its launch in 2010, only two other City-SUVs. Only three years later, the number of competitors doubled and then exploded literally: in the Meantime, it is next to the Juke 21 other City SUVs that compete for customers.

Less risk

in Order to assert itself against the growing competition, wants to distinguish Design chief Matthew Weaver less of her. Despite the Less it is clear that the mounted front lights with daytime running lights and turn signals disappear. They are new pulled a long, horizontal, and have barely a hump. Only the round main headlamps will remain.

the new Juke significantly conventional appearance than ever before. “Since the first Juke-launch, the customers have become nine years older. We appreciate that you are looking for a car now with a more adult appearance.” The new edition is wider (+ 3.5 cm) and longer (+ 7.5 cm) and 23 pounds is still lighter. Because the wheelbase grows by 10.5 inches in the rear more legroom. The trunk grows to new 422 Liter (+ 20 %) and, thanks to a wider Opening and lower loading edge more accessible.

More quality

In the Cockpit increases, Nissan is the quality: hard plastic gives way to Soft-Touch surfaces and high quality materials. A networked multimedia system with function of increase in per Updates comes. A new App, the window can be even remotely close, if we have forgotten it.

This Nissan is packing the latest wizard in the Juke. “This should make the boring Stop-and-Go driving in traffic more pleasant,” says the Vice-President for product planning, Ponz Pandikuthira. “At the core of the driving fun remains!” Although 117 HP and 200 Nm from a one-liter, three-cylinder not listen to long after the fun of driving.

So he goes

The first round of confirmed on a test site in the South of England. As soon as it rises, joins the three-cylinder to its limits. For everyday use enough, but the fun of driving does not want to come up with the slightly sluggish dual-clutch automatic really. Significantly more Juke moves by hand control, despite the somewhat long switching paths.

the new chassis is convinced. It is comfortable and way absorbs the bumps well. At the same time, the new edition varies in curves less than its predecessor. Also, the steering is direct and precise, and should offer up to the launch end of the year a little more feedback.


The Nissan Juke is practical, but also conventional. The 117-horsepower engine and compact size make it the ideal everyday Crossover, the hand set offers the fun of driving.